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Fairtex gloves Review.

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk to you about my big girl gloves. These puppies are amazing, it is the first time I could say I invested a little more in my gear and went with fairtex. I got these in Thailand, when I traveled to practice muay thai there for two months I read everywhere online that it was best to just buy your gear there, so I went to action zone on my way to take the train to Chiang mai and stocked up!!!
The price was significantly cheaper than in the U.S. and the color selection is awesome, Im guessing not all colors ship into the us, or they’re not in stock everywhere, you can obliviously order them online, but like myself if your making the trip you can always just get them there.
I trained with them everyday for two months and they where very comfortable even at the beginning now its been 4 months and they don’t have that used glove smell yet (which my gym bag appreciates), they air out pretty quickly, they still look new and barely worn.

Why we love them:
Great quality and materials.
Good fit.
Love the design and color scheme.
Comfort above all.
The velcro secure lining is very good quality.

What they could work on:
Being more accessible with their color scheme in the U.S.
The prices are a little high though, but you need to see it as an investment, these gloves will last several years they are truly good quality.

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