Keep your eye on the prize

I can’t imagine how fighters do it… Fighting for a belt, months of training and hard sacrifice; see the belt in the room, smell it and lose it.
Our personal lives always get in the way of our training, work, school, relationships, all though they don’t exist in the mat, it does hold you back from getting to the gym.
That’s how I’ve felt lately, don’t get me wrong my hubby is my number one supporter and team mate but lately its been hard for him to get to the gym… He’s been a little under the weather since we’ve been back from Thailand, I don’t blame him I would too, we went from living the dream of focusing on our training and living two months abroad to back to reality, regular job and drag yourself to the gym…
I didn’t get the chance to feel anything my job was waiting for me as soon as the plane landed, but him his also dealing with unemployment.

You see sometimes we forget that it’s not what you do for a living but what you do with your life that counts, we don’t have our dream jobs but we get to travel and live our dreams from time to time. Work for us is just a means on how we pay for equipment, training, travel and such. We feel like we are stuck in the middle most of times, wishing we could train 24/7 and having a 9 to 5 job.
He’s been struggling with a knee injury as well that doesn’t allow him to do BJJ only muay Thai for now, so its up to us to make the most of it for now until he’s able to have it fixed.
I myself am focusing on jiu jitsu, I feel like I was left behind these months that I was away and I’m struggling to keep up, I just can’t keep my eyes away from the prize, I’m not a touchy feely person I rather just focus on my craft for now, I’ve been wanting to do more muay Thai but my coach thinks I should stick to jiu jitsu for now and all though I’m missing my gloves I relate to him in a way. We both have to focus on what we can do for now…
Life is like that, it will give you all you want and then give you only what you need, I noticed him a little under the weather but until I couldn’t get him to hit the gym was when I realized something wasn’t right. So I worried, I was on the edge of having some of the guys invite him over for training since they asked about him all the time, but it happened on its own, they called him out on why he wasn’t at the gym often and offered to help him train.
On my end this wasn’t a very good week I donated blood for a friend of mine that’s having surgery next week and felt horrible, my blood presure was low for a couple of days so for me that ment feeling hopeless on the edge of the mat, only until monday. But everything happens for a reason.
Remember, when life closes a door it opens a window.

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