Brotherly love

Yesterday was a good day, work was short, training was light and my brother’s went to train with me today. You have no idea how happy this made me they where just scrambling around and didn’t really know half the time what they where doing, but to have them I’m the mat with me was awesome.
You see I’m the oldest of six, I grew up with two younger brothers and then life gave me another three on my dad’s side, so yes I have five younger brother’s (not to brag but I’m the toughest of them, lol).
Two of them where interested in what I trained so I decided  to invite them to the gym with me. They seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll see them interested and they’ll wanna come to the gym with me more often.
They have (unlike me) the perfect body for jiujitsu, skinny but fit, long legs and arms, and they’re 13 so it’s the perfect time to start.
I see family’s in the mat from time to time, fathers that bring in their young son’s and daughters, brothers who bring in their younger brothers, my husband and my self as well; but it’s never the same feeling as having your younger brothers there for you to guide, call me sentimental but, its awesome.

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