Jiujitsu and marriage.

I’m not gonna lie to you guy’s,  jiujitsu has tested my marriage many times during the past year. I guess its like that in any sport or activity that you give your all, it will test other aspects of your life as well.
I’m not the girl to complain about not being able to wear skirts because of bruises, I embrace my war scars and wear them with pride.

I’m talking about being away from your family, countless hours in the gym, for the pro’s it means missing your kids birth, holidays, or even end up in divorce.
This came to my mind while talking to Masio (Masio Fullen from the ultimate fighter latinoamerica) who trains at my gym, he’s originally from beautiful Guadalajara,  Mexico. But for his career he came to Tj to train with us before even trying out for the show.
We talked about his family and how before coming to Tijuana he was very close to them, and even though he’s grateful his career has taken him to places like Vegas, and south America,  it’s always hard to be away from home.
I don’t have to go that far, you don’t even have to be a pro, I’ve seen love birds train together then split because its hard to support each other when you don’t fully understand what your willing to give, not everyone is willing to give it all for the mat, so girlfriend’s don’t get it some times, and walk out on jits.
Or girls who train can’t seem to find a guy who supports such close contact sport. It’s hard to struggle between a jealous boyfriend and jiujitsu.
Fortunately, not my case.

My issue is sleepy syndrome, I had overcome this some months ago with vitamins, lots of vitamins, but its back, allow me to explain. I fall asleep, EVERYWHERE after 8 o’clock, it got so bad some months ago that my lowest low was falling asleep on a bar while watching a soccer game like at 10 pm with no alcohol on me!!! How does this affect my marriage? Well imagine getting all dressed up for a date night with my hubby and falling asleep. Fail.

I need to get it together and start taking vitamins again I just ran out like a month ago after returning from Thailand and havent bought more, but its horrible I fall asleep during movies at home, while talking to my husband, I just can’t lay my head on the couch (LOL) I literally pass out. Its ridiculous sometimes I’m not even sleepy, then BAM! asleep. I know my body I know I just can’t train from 4:30 to 7 and not give my body all the nutrients I need to do it, I have an ok diet but it’s not nutritionist approved, so I need to focus my diet a little more into my trainings (not to mention that I work from 8 to 4 as well) and all of that requires energy, I guess that’s why athletes have such specific diets, not that I have a tittle fight next week but If I want to continue training for a long time I have to take better care of my body. Plus I want to get in tournament shape as well so seeing a good nutritionist is next on my list.

Hopefully I’ll be visiting a dietitian soon and be able to spend more nights out.


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