Giving back.

It’s great to give back once in a while, everyone needs a little recognition now and then, so the other day when I saw my training buddy Quiroz using some ages old handwraps that’s when it hit me, it’s time.
I’m not a naturally athletic person, I went from zero to a hundred in like a two year lapse. It was hard, it still is, but having friends that help you a long the way makes everything a lot easier.
That’s the case with Quiroz, he helped me when I was a hopeless new white belt, rolled with me back when nobody really wanted to roll with me being new and a girl.
In a way I guess we both related to one another, it took him some time as well to become a blue belt. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t good, everything comes to us when we are ready.
So I took it into my hands to get him some new handwraps,  I hope I could do more for the guy’s at my gym, they are all so dedicated, they just don’t all have the best of luck.
Hopefully I’ll be a blue belt some day and I won’t forget about the guy’s who helped me out, that’s why I guess when ever there’s a new guy at trainnig and I roll with them I always help.
Because at entram you can always count on a helping hand.

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