You’re doing it wrong…

apparently I did it wrong, the traveling I mean, my first overseas place to visit was Thailand. Now it turns out that it should be the last place you visit, because it’s so cheap and beautiful… But google never told me that!!

All the people I met along my trip always left Thailand for their last stop on their 3 month, 6 month trip, or even after visiting all asia. It was always the same answer, the best is always for last. It has beautiful beaches, a lot of outdoor activities and free nature sites to visit, cheap accommodations, the people are great and it’s really inexpensive to stay for long periods of time.


So I’m back on track planing my next trip, this time I’ll take me a little more since I’m going bigger, I wanna visit several country’s, kinda like the backpacking trough Europe thing but in asia and also make a stop up northern Europe like Norway.
I’m thinking China, Hong kong, or Nepal and possibly Norway (because of the snow), who knows I’m still in research mode (the best part, besides the trip itself). Sorry guys I’m such a nerd. I really wanna take my time planning this since it will be within the next two years and since there’s plenty of places to visit, I’ll have to research plenty of places to stay and what I will be doing those days; I wanna make the most of my time there, not like in Thailand that we spent one whole week watching the series of Game of thrones after training every day (LOL). We also only will be doing a month or so and there’s a lot to visit and not much time to do it.


I’m exited for China because MMA is so big in china so I definitely need to take a couple of classes. possibly spend a week there for training, I also need to buy some souvenir mma gloves since I’ll be training there, I want to get a pair of gloves from all the countries I’ve trained in, just to start a collection.
After the weeks of training in china the rest is backpacking all the way, I did Thailand with a little more luxury but I know I can commit to hostels and more of a backpacking experience.
It’s not really because of the money it self, it’s more because I want to get to know the countries better, move between them by bus or train, I know my last experience in travelling by train was a little too intense but I wanna give it another try.

Any Suggestions guys?

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