September faves!

September Faves!

This month I want to switch it up and do a monthly favorites post, I’ve been trying several new skin products and I truly see an improvement on my skin so I just have to pass the wisdom on. I’ve been trying a couple new facial products, I never really had great skin, but on the last months I’ve changed things up and added a lot of different products to my routine and I’m happy to see improvements. I’m not a girly girl but through my travels I discovered that woman all over the world have different beauty regimens even different cultures have different ideas, so I never really payed attention to it but when my friend Yan Yan Wan (Who I met in Thailand, who had the skin of a 25-year-old but was actually at the end of her 30’s) told me that asian women with great skin was not a given, they start using anti-aging cream at 13!! I was shocked, yes a lot of other factors do interfere in good skin and aging like diet, bad habits and nutrition. But that’s when it hit me, its time, to girl it up.

My absolute fave this month is from Queen helene’s (all hail the queen!!), I’ve been using the mint julep scrub and face mask, and my skin looks amazing, brighter than usual and with less break outs, I sweat like crazy in the mat so this is helping improve my skin complexion over all. I use the scrub in the mornings 4 times a week and the mask only once or twice a week, so far I love the results. I’ve used a lot of face scrubs and the texture actually feels like sand against your face, not to hard, not to soft and the mintyness is very refreshing for summer mornings, it keeps my skin very soft and fresh feeling, not one black head since I’ve been using it.
Another guilty-less pleasure of this month is Foot therapy with tea tree oil and Aloe; I do NOT fool around with foot care, I spent countles hours in the mat so in know theres a lot of nasty stuff there, I use my anti-fungal creams for prevention, foot powder when needed, weekly mani-pedi’s, and foot creams are a must!!! this one is one of my faves, its so refeshing, and I dont know why but during summer I get a mint product rave and everything has to have a refreshing sensation.


I’m a lip balm more than a lip gloss girl and I’m crazy about Revlon’s color burst and just bitten balms (balm stain as they refer to them), they are hydrating but they dont have a sticky feeling, the colors are awesome you dont realy need to be over using the product to get the right shade, they are very pigmented; They also have a fresh feel when you aply them that I love. When my lips are extra dry I do use eos lip balm, specially before training since I don’t want color in my lips while wrestling, again I have the mint flvored one (LOL).
This month I switched deodorant, I regularly don’t but I’m glad I did, degree expert protection for women with motion sense is the bomb, no matter how much you sweat there’s no funky odors, the scent is really nice but not over powering. So far it’s worked great for me in the mat, I don’t have to be worrying about bad odors. This pairs perfectly with my late sumer scents Pear glace  and Pure seduction shimer when I wanna switch it up with a nice glow (from Victorias Secret ofcourse).
Because my hair was getting a little damaged by daily washing I started using Garnier fructis oil repair, I sweat so much I can’t just not wash my hair. So it’s mixture of vitamins and oils have been making an improvement in my hair’s texture it also makes it crazy easy to detangle, some times my hair doesn’t have good mat day’s and it’s just a mess after a shower, so the styling cream helps.
Any products you love my girly jits?

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