Product Review

Hand wraps.

I’ve used a lot of brands over time, it’s something so simple and most times we don’t pay attention to it,  but it can make a great difference in comfort while you train.

C’mon fighters we need to pay more attention to details like these, hand wraps protect our most important asset, our hands! I’m all about no pain no gain, but your hands shouldnt suffer the daily trainings, protect those puppies. When I first started training I tought they where all the same, but as I trained I used different brands, textures, material; And you learn to figure out what you like. Kinda like dating (LOL) only with experience you get to figure out what you like 😉
Same thing with hand wraps, I’ve been around enough to know that I like the ones that have a little stretch to them, you see, there’s regular hand wraps and Mexican style hand wraps, the mexican ones have a little stretch to them that grasp better to your hands and are a lot more comfortable, so Mexican all the way. The mexican style ones are also longer than regular hand wraps which not only provides more protection, but for big guys regular hand wraps always fall short. I really don’t think the quality is in the best brand, there are tons of brands and tons of different fits, just find what works best for you.
By far my favorites I bought in Thailand at Action zone, they are actually Action Zone brand, The color selection was the first thing that caught my eye, neon pink, orange, yellow, so I grabbed a couple of pairs for hubby and me and now I wished I would have grabbed more!! They are Mexican style, long, with a lot of stretch to them (which I havent found in another brand yet) and at the same time very comfortable and not as rough like other hand wraps.

The first ones I trained with where some Everlast black hand wraps, the regular style, A little thinner than usual, I  didn’t think much about them but they got the job done. Down the road I got another Everlast pair with a totally different quality, white ones, thick fabric but the material wasnt harsh on the skin like others.

I’m a big fan of Title and Twins hand wraps as well, the fabric is thick cotton and doesn’t stretch at all, still they don’t get all tangled up in your gloves, because of the texture they sit tightly wrapped and the velcro edges are great quality, mostly the materials make these a great set that will be long-lasting.
The only ones I personally didn’t like where Bad boy (but this was like half a year ago I guess), I like the quality of their sport wear but I only once bought a pair of hand wraps and didn’t use them after a while, they rolled up in my gloves, the velcro was falling off after a couple of weeks, they where black the first two times I used them, which was odd because they have excellent quality training wear so… I’ve seen in their site now that they have changed the quality and brand of hand wraps they’re managing now, so I will have to try them and let you guys know.

Any faves you want us to review?

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