Year 1

It’s safe to say that I’ve been doing mma for little over a year and a half now, I think it’s time to give you a  status update.
In jiu-jitsu my one and only love, I’ve been doing more no Gi now, I started out strictly Gi; I taught at first it was more comfortable, there where less bare sweaty chests in my face while trying to pass guard, I still think its more elegant than no Gi but I love them both, I don’t mind the sweat, doing no Gi as well is giving me more creative freedom with gi, I understand the difference and I am able to expand my game. At the beginning doing no Gi made me feel acward, I had no grips, sweaty hands and legs slipped out, but now I’m learning to hold on and move better.

I’m still being taped out by blue belts, and some stronger white belts,  but I know I need to lift weights or get stronger in a way, I have several projects for that, like home weight lifting ( I have the equipment at home) and I’m thinking about giving crossfit a go as well, there’s so many jits into that now so I gotta know what it’s all about; however I’ve acquired a set of skills by now. my movement is more of a jits, I flow, I escape and I have better movement. Its funny in a way you see this movement transfer to your real life; When I spoon my hubbie I put my hook’s in (LOL).

All fighters fall into a rut eventually, I’m not saying I quit but I am expanding my possibilities; I wanna do more boxing and muay thai, I’ve been focusing only on jiujitsu for quite some time and while in Thailand I loved Muay thai I just didn’t have the time for it back home I was more of a Jit. So I’m switching it up to become a more complete fighter, with more boxing and weight lifting.

I’m tired of not being so strong, I’m not exactly a weakling but a lot of the times I know what technique to use but my strength obviously isn’t that much compared to a guy. In muay thai and kick boxing I don’t look that sloppy anymore, I still feel a little stiff at times and I gotta work more on my cardio than just a Sunday run, but it seems like  I’m getting somewhere. I’m not that fast on my feet jet, but my hands have improved a lot along with my kicks, I don’t wanna say I’m still scared of the punches but I’ve never realy been knocked out so I flinch now and then; but my punches look a lot more real than before, I’m no longer the WTF is that girl doing over there?
I’m happy to see some training opportunities opening up for me, I felt stuck in a Jiujitsu rut, don’t get me wrong I love jiujitsu, but some times I feel the need to hit things (LOL) not in a stupid aggressive way but like a real mma class, not something that’s just preparing me for mma.

Not only to become a better fighter but because in two years I’ll be in China taking a couple of mma classes and I definitely don’t wanna get my ass whooped.

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