Female strength.

The other day while strolling among other facebook pages, there was this girl that submitted a question about bjj, she stated that she was tired of not being as strong as the guys she rolled with, and powerless to see her technique fail upon their strength, she got emotional and cried.
I was proud to see her have the courage to post that, that is what jiujitsu is to most women at the beggining, I felt powerless countless times to see myself  fail upon a stronger person. I see this happen often with white belts; you see, a more experienced white belt, blue belt or higher will understand that jiujitsu is not ment for strength,  you need to work your technique in the mat, and an experienced fighter will allow you to roll, experiment get to know your game; A new white belt will try to survive and finish the fight with strenth and will not care about a technique roll.
You can do weights and bulk up, it will help you get stronger, but then again that is not the purpose, its just a white belt thing, testing your ego.
Now the emotional part is quite unique, we all get emotional as fighters, when we win, when we lose, when we get frustrated, its in our nature your giving your all in the mat, physically and mentally. It has never happended to me before with a guy but with girls… its on!!! I’m a wreck, twice it has happened to me on the verge of crying after rolling intensely with a girl. Oddly never with a guy. And I’ve even notice that my fighting is different some times with girls, I go all out rolling with a guy, never hold back, but with a girl I’m afraid of hurting them… I know its a contact sport but I don’t wanna bully them… am I wrong for that?

3 thoughts on “Female strength.”

  1. yeah that’s not fair, it really bothers me that we don’t have the same strength as guys 😦
    Great post babe!!

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