Winter weight.

Aaaaah the holidays…. the most difficult time of the year to train, thanksgiving is barely around the corner and my winter weight is already here. Regularly at 60 kilos (135 lbs), today I’m at 63 kilos, it may not sound like much for some but for a fighter believe me you feel those extra 3 kilos in every roll.

So I’m strongly holding my diet down as much as I can, Chicken-rice-veggies. I try to mix it up now and then but let’s be real it’s the veggies that help you get leaner. I’ll be following this diet during the winter except for special occasions like Xmas and Thanks giving and such, when I just can’t say no to all the delicious food.

My regular lunch meal looks like this:

Option 1:

White Rice.

Steamed veggies.

Grilled chicken (seasoned with herbs).

orange chicken chinease resturant food with stir fry vegetables and brown rice2

Option 2:

Soup. (veggie, beans, chicken soup).

Salad (and by salad its a huge mix of all the veggies I can find LOL).


I’ve also switched to soy and almond milk since I was having a lot of problems (lactose intolerance problems). This has helped me feel les bloated during the mornings and avoid digesting problems. So for my morning smoothie this week:

– 1 Cup frozen berries.

– 1 Banana.

– 1 Cup coconut flavored soy milk.

– 1 tsp Chia seeds and flax seeds.

Seriously they should give me a medal for showing up for training, there’s so many winter issues that pushes back your training.
– It’s cold.
– You cool off between rolls and it slows you down.
– Everything hurts a little more than usual.
– Joints, knees, elbows hurt all winter long.
– Past injuries come back to haunt you.
– The gym is half empty all winter long, which means a lot of rolling buddies come back until January, which is not always a bad thing since you get more personalized attention, but missing your buddies isn’t cool.
– (For girls) menstrual cramps go bezerks.
– And the one I hate the most is the winter schedule, it gets so dark so early during the afternoon, and my way back home is always dark, scary and cold.

But enough with the winter hate, I’ve been invited to train at another local gym, I’m exited to switch it up but still I’ve never trained at another gym here in Tj so im exited to see how the gym will look like and would the guys be there, I’ve got my fingers crossed to find some girls there but I don’t wanna get my hopes up.

As a girl we get realy nervious going to a new gym to train, we dont realy know if there’s gonna be other girls there, if guys are used to training with girls, how will they react to training with you, there’s still a lot of mma taboo when it comes to us girls training, we realy dont know if guys are going to wanna scare us off. It sounds a little crazy but true, and I’ve seen it a lot with a couple of new guys at my gym lately. Some guys just dont like to loose to a  girl.


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