Fear of branching out.

My friend Masio Fullen (#TUF participant) once told me that leaving the nest shouldn’t be high treason, it helps us as fighters to grow and learn new techniques in new places with new people (the nest being your home gym of course), helps us get out of our comfort zone and tests our actual skill level.

The other day I spent my afternoon training with my new friends at #Chakal_MX Gym here in Tijuana, it is actually the first time I do MMA at another gym here where I live.
For a girl it’s always stressfull to start at a new gym, you don’t know If the guys there are used to training with girls, if you’re going to be taken seriously or not, if they are going to roll hard or aggressively and possibly hurt you or underestimate you and roll soft and bottom line make you waste your time. Luckily I felt I fitted in…


I arrived on the afternoon along with my husband, we were going to meet a friend of his that will also train us, a pro fighter that goes by the nickname of “El Pareja”.


I started stretching and warming up, then moved to shadow boxing, there where another 2 other girls there for the first time, that had never done MMA, so I really appreciated that they saw some level of skill in me and made me do other exercises rather than what the new girls where doing, Why? Because when you’re new in somewhere some people just make you do the basic stuff and don’t really pay attention to what level you’re in. I’m not a pro but I know what I’m doing and I appreciated a lot I was treated as such.
So I moved on to boxing, I felt like a queen… it reminded me a lot of my training in Thailand, they would put my handwraps on for me, my gloves, gave me water between rounds; Royal treatment 😉 NOT THAT I NEEDED IT, but feels like they pay attention closely to you more than to a group, to you individually and it was a great feeling.


The boxing trainer was nice and corrected me when I needed it, he took his time and took a step back to explain some issues with my posture and foot work, I did pad work with him for around 4 or 5 rounds I guess. Then came MMA and “El Pareja” worked some pads with me mostly kicks and  boxing it’s going to sound crazy but what I like the most was being hit back. We were doing pads and I had to kick in a combination and when one of those times I did the set I lowered my left hand a little and he slapped me with the pad LOL. That doesn’t happen to me often but in a real tournament it would have, so not being feared of hurting the girl is sometimes good in a way, because we get to be treated like fighters, and yesterday I was a fighter not a girl.


We finished up with bag work and a round of jiu-jitsu; they wanted to see the level where I was standing at and see where we would work from there.
Over all I really liked it but now my issue is this… I have to give them one month of full exclusive training for them to work my cardio as well and my strength, so this would mean one month of only them and not my home gym… OMG the conflict begins… I think I’m too sentimentally attached to my gym, but this will help me grow and after a month I’ll return to my regular #Entram training and alternate my training days between two gyms, it’s just an opportunity I can’t let pass by. You are going to think this sounds ridiculous but in training dilemmas as such I always ask myself, what would Ronda Rousey do? LOL, seriously! LOL, this helps me think what a true athlete would do thinking bluntly about their training.


It’s not betrayal, I’m not selling out, it’s just that I need to bump up my game, and I’m taking a leap to become a more complete fighter.

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