My mma New years resolutions…

As the year comes to an end I reflect on what I expect from this coming year, what I’m willing to give for my training and how my MMA future looks like, at 28 I feel its now or never, but before I can think about the future I can only say It was a great year and I have a lot of people to thank for.

Thank you Entram for taking me in, making me one of the family, teach me when I knew nothing, supporting me when I got frustrated, without great teachers such as Raul Arvizu I wouldn’t be here now still in the game, thank you to my brothers and sisters at Entram, who rolled with me this year, every roll is something new to learn.

Thanks also to Chakal gym as well, they also took me in this December and despite me struggling with work hours they are trying hard to keep me fit, thank you for respecting me as a fighter, not discoursing me cause I know I may not be the best, but I try hard to keep up.

Thank you KC muay thai for making Thailand my home for 2 months, for treating us like family, we trained together, ate together, lived together and made great friends. To me it was so beautiful how a big group of so different people from different parts around the world shared their culture at the table during lunch each day, China, Mexico, U.S.A., U.K., Norway, we where all one big family. I miss you guys and I hope to see you soon! Thanks to the mighty Tanachon I didn’t know this before going to KC I knew it was a well-known gym, I just didn’t expect all of my trainers there to be big Thailand celebrities! Thank you for showing me your wisdom and skills.

This upcoming year  I want to try a little harder, work a little longer and improve my technique; I know that my working schedule will change but I’m gonna give it my all as always, I’m going to need to arrange my training schedules and possibly alternate gyms as well. I know I can still give a lot more for the sport so I’m gonna try my best.

I also want to improve my blogging skills, I’ve been getting a lot of feed back from my readers lately and I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions 🙂 Keep contacting us!!

For Now I wish you the Best on this holiday season, I know I will be stuffing myself with delicious food and wont be hitting the mat constantly to spend time with the family, we all need a break once in a while!
We’ll be back after January 5th with our regular training and blogging schedule, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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