Muay Thai tips for Newbies.

Are you a newbie? Are you nervous? Dont worry its all part of the experience, remember your first day of class when you where afraid of doing something stupid? Or not knowing who your class mates would be or if they would like you or not? As the Thai would say: same same, but different.


It’s not all bad though, I’ve been lucky enough to had encountered great teachers along the way, but now and then there are some classmates or teachers that will test you. Personally I think that this is part of your journey and it will only make you stronger, there are however some things you should know, so here are some tips.

1. You don’t need to be in good shape, having good cardio is always a huge advantage, but it isn’t required, if you wanna be an over achiever and run a couple of times a week before starting the class that will really help you get trough the first training sessions without felling like you’re gonna faint, puke or die. How ever I don’t think it’s completely necessary and the feeling like your about to pass out is just part of the game, it will motivate you to work on your cardio either way.

2. You will be a Newbie, you need to be patient, you will suck at first, we all start from Zero (unless you are like a hidden Muay thai prodigy out of a Thai movie) but if you are a regular guy or girl, yes you will suck and you will be hit, A LOT. I never really took a punch before I started training, and even then the first months guys didn’t really hit me that hard but always be prepared and always use your mouth guard when sparring, especially at the beginning.

3. YouTube, this is probably the reason why you wanted to do Muay thai in the first place, you’ve seen some videos and you’re getting curious about it, if not I highly suggest you get informed before doing a free class, just for general culture or to see what you’re getting yourself into, its best to be aware than surprised.

4. Every step counts, you can’t just skip shadow boxing or any exercise because you don’t like it or you think its boring, there’s a learning process, I know you’re gonna wanna do some cool ass whooping on your first day, some classmates will even ask if you wanna spar on your first day, Dont, it’s a Trap, LOL. If you don’t feel like it don’t do it, just say you’ll do it next class or when ever your ready, even if it is a month away most likely you will get your ass handed to you, but it doesn’t have to be your first day, everyone will respect that.

5. Theres no such thing as dumb questions, seriously be the person who always raises their hand and ask questions, if you think you’re not doing it right, you probably are, LOL. We are not all born as natural athletes so be patient, it will take you some time to get used to it.

6. overtime it! if you really go out of your way to train longer you will see the difference in your technique.

7. It will hurt. Theres no way of sugar-coating it, it will hurt, not for a day, not for a week but on and off, all the time. As a woman we also go trough other issues during our training, not only physically but also emotionally, we have our period, cramps, mood swings, so as a girl I can tell you for sure it will be a rollercoaster, but it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

8. Invest in your gear. Save money and invest in your pads, gloves, cute Muay Thai shorts, even sport wear and not only you will look like a pro, you will feel like a pro and this will motivate you to work towards your goals.

9. Do your homework. See what are the best brands, or what gear works better for you and your training. Look around for several gyms before actually signing up, take some few free classes to see where you feel more comfortable, some people frown upon gym hopping but it is always good to attend other schools and see how you feel in other environments.

10. Be a good partner. I can’t stress this enough if you wanna be the best you need to train with the best. Part of your improvement is thanks to your partners, they give you tips, help you out, be a good partner as well, we all need to do our part.

Hope this helps you guys get started!!! Muay Thai is very beautiful discipline it takes a great heart, a lot of hard work and commitment, but like anything in life if you get passionate about it, the sky is the limit.

Good luck.

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