Rollin’ with the punches

It’s officially been over a month in Chakal Gym, I’ve been working this month a lot more on my boxing and kicks than my floor work, there’s a good and a bad side to that. jiu jitsu is the reason why I entered the world of MMA, so every day I don’t do it I miss it, but when ever I do get to do it at Chakal which is like twice a week I love it and I really give it my all.

Working on my boxing here has tought me what it actually means to be punched in the face, how it feels to do sparring and be so tired that you can barely hold your hands up, this has helped me grow as a fighter in other aspects rather than just technique, in that moment of full pressure you learn a lot of things about your self. To me it was like starting over again, new school, having to meet new people, make new friends, missing my old friends; The hardest part of this experience was definitely missing my old gym and my old friends, Everybody at Chakal has really gone out of their way to make me feel at home. The first weeks however felt really strange to me, like I was being judge from coming from another gym, like they expected more from me having quite some time in the game. I don’t know, I’m not the best, I just like doing this and I’m passionate about it, that doesn’t mean I’m a natural athlete or that I’m the best, I’m an underdog and I’m used to being underestimated, but I guess I was more vulnerable when I first came to Chakal so to me the first weeks where horrible (not because of the gym, but because of my emotional rollercoaster).

Let me push the drama a side and explain this to you, I love my home gym Entram, my friends are there, its my comfort zone, but I was only doing jiu-jitsu all the time I needed to do more stand up work but that wasnt really happening, so my husband wanted to get in better shape and knew some friends at Chakal gym that used to train with him, he wanted to give it a try and do something different, we where also going to get one on one training and he can’t do jiu-jitsu because of a knee injury so I’m supporting him along during our training at Chakal. (I’m not a role model housewife so I’m a supporter LOL).

I knew I had a lot to learn on my stand-up so I decided to give it a try, I still close my eyes when being punched, I know I have to keep working on it, it’s just a reflex that we have; my foot work needs improving as well but they make me do crazy exercises for that. They are also making me work my cardio like crazy and twice a week I focus on physical conditioning, like cardio, strength training exercises, crossfit and agility drills. I can say they are pushing me to become more of an athlete rather than only work on technique. But I still have my questions, will I be called out if I go back to Entram? will I be judged? will I no longer be part of the family? or will I be respected for going back and bringing a better game to the table?…

My other big issue right now is my diet, it hasn’t been really strict so I havent lost my winter weight yet and it’s getting a little hard to do so. So I’m looking into  morning juicing to get more veggies into my diet and trim some fat. I’m also doing a regular tuna salad lunch as well, tuna always helps me lose weight fast and still get protein and energy that I need for my workout. So how will my daily meal plan will look?


Hot water and lemon or tea with a little honey (to aid my gastritis) and morning juice or veggie smoothie.

-Pre- lunch snacks-

An apple, orange or other fruit, yogurt, also veggies with humus.


Tuna salad. or grilled chicken with steamed veggies.


Heres where it gets tricky for me, in Mexico people are not used to having big dinners like in the U.S. or other countries, our lunch is our big meal and we’ll have something lighter at dinner, like tea or cereal. Which works well for me, If I start having big dinners I gain weight quickly.

Good  Luck!

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