Back at Entram

It’s funny how time passes by so quickly, after two months at Chakal I’m back home rolling in Entram, nothing has made me happier than rolling again, I love MMA but BJJ is where my heart is…
I was so exited/nervous on my first day back I felt dumb to think that I missed my gym so much and maybe they didn’t even noticed I was gone, but everybody welcomed me back with nice comments, greetings and smiles.

although I took some punches at chakal while working on my boxing I felt worried about getting injured in a way, It was strange but it was like starting over again, everything hurt and I was so sore the next day, but it was amazing. I felt full of energy, I missed the floor work so much! I was very cautious with my rolls the first day and didn’t feel that secure or confident, I fell like I was away for too long, but on the second day I just felt more empowered and confident.

Muay Thai and jiujitsu training is just so different, even the akes and pains are different.

With Muay Thai, you feel exhausted and the punches hurt but it is momentarily, with jiu-jitsu a bad muscle pull or armbar hurts your joints all week-long!! I felt so sore the next day my knees wabbled when I walked, I felt like I was walking funny! (I probably was).

Today I start my second week back and I feel like nothing has changed, my cardio is a little weak tough, I’ve been struggling to lose my winter weight and even tough it’s going down slowly I have to run in the mornings or something. Crossfit at chakal is helping me get stronger but I need more cardio as well.

Roll on!!

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