Ask a figther!!

Hi Guys!!

I’m Happy to say that we’ve been getting a lot of emails from our readers and we are more than happy to answer your questions or seek fighters advice as well, we love to ask our pro’s for training knowledge!!

Keep the questions coming!! there’s no such thing as dumb questions and if your shy we will be more than glad to answer them as an anonymous. This way we will all get the answers we need 😉


I’ve been doing BJJ for a month now and I get a lot of bruises, I know that when you exercise a lot you get soreness but I’ve been having a lot of joint soreness as well is this normal?

Mymmalife- Hi Lilly, its normal to feel soreness and I too get bruises on and off its sort of continuous thing, LOL. Joint pain or soreness specially in the knees and ankles is normal too, because of takedowns and guard passes. If you feel the pain is unnormal or unbearable contact your home doctor, but otherwise if you are training at least 3 times a week soreness is normal. Its more of a learn to love the burn (soreness) kinda thing.

I treat my soreness with post shower messages with Tiger balm or other ointments and balms to relax sore muscles. I also have bruises all the time, Arnica Tea does the trick, it gets rid of them fast.



I read in one of your posts that you where getting sleepy all the time I’ve been feeling a little like that, any advice?

Mymmalife- Vitamins!!!! and visit a dietitian, this mostly happens because you are not eating right in proportion to all the training you are doing, one your diet is balanced you should be unstoppable.

Try to reach out to a doctor that knows a little about the sport of that has treated other fighters as well, every sport has different nutrition demands, once you are feeding your body what it needs for your specific training you wont be so tired all the time.



I tried a couple of kick boxing classes and it’s a great way to stay fit but I was curious about MMA, they teach it at my gym as well, there was a lot of grappling and they where showing us some jujitsu and it was awkward, will it always be this way?

Mymmalife- Hi Kim,  This is a tricky question, yes it will be awkward for some time, you will find yourself in positions that defy your personal space (LOL), like a guys crotch near your face or you having someone between your thighs, but once that stage has passed (probably like two months or so) you will feel very comfortable, around your class mates and everyone you roll with. It’s just important that if you do like it try to push forward, in a couple of months it wont be uncomfortable.



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