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Packing for training Muay Thai in Thailand (Womens edition).

Hi girls!

So every day I get more and more questions about my training in Thailand and I love giving you the scoop because when I decided to start that journey all my research came from amazing blogs!

I’m not gonna lie I am planing on going back but don’t know exactly when that might happen and like a lot of women traveling trough Asia for the first time I definitely over packed!!! rookie mistake, I know. But this time around I wanna talk about the bare essentials that you need anything else can be purchased in Thailand and will be probably cheaper.

Bring Along essentials.

-Shorts and/or pants. Sizes in Asia are crazy small! when I was in Thailand I didn’t pack my jean shorts and decided to buy ones over there, BIG mistake, I did buy shirts and since I am a small-medium size I didn’t have any issues, but pants? Forget it, I bought what I call fat pants (which are wavy one size tribal fabric pants, which are awesome) but don’t expect to find a pair of jeans your size, let me paint you a little picture:

I’m a size 3 (USA), which in Thailand I was a XXL and didn’t close properly!! I was mortified!! Forget it, pack your shorts, and jeans wisely and you will be able to buy shirts over there, clothe are super cheap and cute.

-Sandals and shoes. Unless you are thinking about partying hard I would not advice to bring heels, sandals and a pair of jogging shoes for training will be all you need. I visited during rainy season and its a joke! it’s still super hot! and the water literally evaporates so quickly with the high temperature. So don’t worry no rain boots required.

-Training gear. Here’s where I Know I over packed, muay thai gear is really cheap in Thailand, buy some gloves there and take home a great souvenir! I bought hand wraps, gloves everything over there and the quality, the brands and color selection is the best. Visit action zone in Bangkok, they have the best prices around!

One thing I would advise you to bring is your sport bra’s and lycra shorts, believe me It would be crazy to train without them and impossible to find your size there.

-Toiletries.  Most of these you can probably purchase over there, like soap, toothpaste,  shampoo, bath towels, this way you wont have to carry them with you trough customs and you will probably get them for a cheaper price, however, facial creams, perfumes, tampons, make up and such are essential. You don’t really know the products over there so bring you’re essentials. I also found that sun block is more expensive over there, so bring you’re own and a lot! sweat proof and the highest number possible!

I loved buying makeup in Thailand, packaging is super cute but bring along your essentials specially if you have sensitive skin!

I read online about bringing bug repellent and I did (since I hate bugs) this was my daily perfume I swear, but even tough It was great to bring a long I was still able to find it cheaper over there and for other type of local bugs, so My advice? bring a small one just in case you have a hard time finding one over there, which believe me they have them in all the 7/11’s (and there a lot over there).

-Snacks. One thing I was grateful to pack was a big bag of fun size chocolates, yes there are a lot of exotic snacks in Thailand, fresh fruit and smoothies are the bomb there, but there aren’t a lot of american snacks, chocolate is not really as good or easy to find. Al tough there are a couple of pizza places, KFC’s, burger joints like McDonald’s, and one mexican food place in all Chiang Mai, food does get you home sick. The taste is different.

So packing one of your favorite snacks will seem like a smart move after a month of different flavors, to me those chocolates where like tasting home!

-Gadgets. Pack your chargers, electricity converters and multi plug in’s. Most cellphones have built inn converters, but for your laptop, tablets, cameras, video games and such electricity converter are a must!!

-What to expect. Thai people are crazy nice and warm, they really go out of their way to make you feel at home and welcomed, I guess there are exceptions or people who will try to profit from turist, but I didn’t really ran into someone like that in my two month stay over there. Compare prices just in case specially in the markets, either than that they are just nice people trying to make a buck or two.

Mot of my toiletries and some groceries came from Big C (a wallmart type of store, I also bough some yogurt’s there and chocolate milk to have at the apartment while I was there, the prices are great and the milk and yogurt selection is insane, try the coconut yogurt from activia, the bomb! youre into flavored milk? forget about the regular chocolate ones (which are delicious as well) but they have banana milk, watermelon flavored milk, green tea, a lot of different flavors.

I hope we covered the basics, if you have more question Email us!!

Laa-gon-krap!! (Goodbye!!)


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