That awkward moment…

I’ve had a lot of awkward moments in my time training MMA so far, but as a girls we have a couple of off mat days, and by that I mean most girls, I don’t know how most of the pros handle it, but most girls during that time of the month will focus more on boxing of strength training, cardio to avoid the super uncomfortable, feeling of tampons and jiujitsu…
It just doesnt seem normal or right! Lol, so I took the day to work on my cardio, because I really didn’t feel like loosing a day at the gym since I’ve had a lot of work lately, how much work? well the other day at the gym I realized I had my under wear backwards… all day!!!. I been barely making it to the gym 3 times a week, It’s good that I have a lot of work and new projects on the way but MMA is my down time…

So after a couple of hours of treadmill and light weights I was chilling in our little lounge and was getting ready to leave when my sensei comes in and asks :

-why didn’t you do jiu-jitsu today miss?!

-I was like…. am… well… I kinda have well you know… my perio…

-STOP! I don’t need to know anything else, don’t tell me! its fine.

Jajajajajaj… He was so uncomfortable, it was funny. I know there’s not a lot of girls training at my gym, but I guess he’s just not used to dealing with those situations, most of us girls training there rather just skip those days, or when you just don’t want to lose training we will do technique and skip the daily rounds of rolling. Even the big girls (pro’s) must have cramps now and then and skip a day or two of trainng, but believe me explaining that to your coach? not easy.

They deal with male fighters most of the time, they have a more intimate relationship I guess because well, they’re guys! Everything is well, simple, but with girls… at least in my gym I know that there’s still not a full-time pro lady.

So their relationship isn’t as intimate as you missed practice one day and its chaos. So later talking with some of the girls at the gym over facebook we all came to that same conclusion, we’d all had time when we found ourselves in our off mat days and well it was the same drill, embarrassing, uncomfortable, funny thing not for us but for our sensei, LOL.

I guess in the future when we do have a pro girl fighter from our gym those topics wont be such a taboo for us, I mean I have trained during my period several times but, there’s some times you just cant find it in you… lol.

How about you?

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