Kickboxing chicks.

OMG guys, this was a crazy week at the gym, a lot has been going on.
It all started two Sunday’s ago, I say my cousin Fernanda (she’s 23) at a family reunion and she mentioned she wanted to learn some kickboxing and get a little more in to shape, so she asked me if she could come along to my gym, I tought it was a great idea, I love introducing girls into the sport! So naturally I wanted to bring her along for a class or two.

So the adventure started… I know she’s new and it takes patience and a lot of guts to do what we do, and yes everything hurts at the beginning, specially for us girls that we aren’t used to well, being hit, lol. But she’s very expressive about it!! there’s a lot of “owees” and “that hurts”, and I don’t know, I guess its like back to square one; When I was hurt when I started training I sucked it up, I didn’t say “owee” I took it like a man because I wanted to be taken seriously, and they do now but I don’t really think she’s that kind of girl, fortunately she’s the take it or leave it kind of girl… It didn’t really bother me in kickboxing class cause I know that isn’t my zone, but once she tried to do jiujitsu, she wasnt having it!! she plainly didn’t like it and she’s the kind a girl who well, there’s a mexican saying that goes like this: No tiene pelos en la lengua ( It translates to: She doesn’t have hairs in her tounge), LOL. this means that she’s honest and up front! She will say whats on her mind even if you don’t wanna hear it.

So she said it, I hate jiujitsu… I gasped.

But I get why she didn’t like it, she doesn’t have the patience, during the class (One lazy friday-slow rolling-afternoon class) She just wasnt having it, she got board of the moves quickly, didn’t wanna roll with nobody, was overly gigglish and ticklish, she just didn’t like it, and I guess it fine, it’s not for everyone, honestly I don’t think she really tried, but its fine, on the other hand She really seemed to like kickboxing so that’s still a win.

Not only she did take a liking into the sport and has been a regular the whole week, but seems like the sports likes her as well đŸ˜‰ , (no she’s instant natural) but one of the trainers Marko seems a little interested in her so we double dated this past saturday. OMG guys I have forgotten what a first date is like…

I never liked dating, NEVER, I was the kind of girl that everybody wanted to set me up with their friends or cousins or brothers! And we definitely never double dated as a couple either, we went to the movies and for a couple of beers, I had a lot of fun getting to know our gym trainer and partner more, we usually small talk but It was really nice to get to know him more, He’s a nice guy, I really hope they click, I think all first dates are a little uncomfortable.

So cross your fingers guys! Cause I want him in the family!! LOL.

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