The path to a dream.

More than a post, this is a letter to you, my reader:

It all starts with an idea, an infectious idea that spreads in your head, transforming into a dream, but how much should we pursue those dreams? I myself am a big dream chaser, I truly believe that life is out there and you have to go make things happen, you truly can’t wait to be magically picked and placed wherever your mind wants to take you, usually we need to go out and make things happen (bummer right?), and where do I want to go? What do I want to make happen? Going back to Thailand…

We all do something that we love in life, even if that doing something is doing nothing at all, there is always that thing we enjoy the most, which fulfills our living appetite and transforms the way we see this world into a positive experience.  For me its MMA and traveling, both of which I was truly lucky to be able to do for two months in Thailand (It took me 27 years to find that game changer, so if you haven’t find yours, be patient, you will know it when you find it). But, why go back? WHY NOT?! During the time I spent in Thailand, I was able to do what I loved the most and lived an amazing adventure, live the life I always dreamed of having; it wasn’t because I wasn’t working or because I didn’t have any stress, it was because I was doing what I loved to do, that infectious thing that was once in the back of my head and was translated now into a reality. That conversion is something amazing to achieve and a bit hard to explain, but once you get there any and every sacrifice seems worth it.


But now, let’s be realistic, life isn’t cheap, living isn’t cheap and dreaming… Boy oh Boy!, that’s the most expensive thing of all; so I started thinking, what if my job allowed me to do that? Live abroad, travel the world, meet the most amazing and interesting people ever and practice martial arts… Maybe just another dream? Well if we know something by now is that dreams are totally achievable, we just have to believe in them 😀


Here, back home; we don’t all have our dream jobs, usually we kind hate them actually, Luckily my job is a great, I have a great boss with a good attitude, good co-workers, it pays well, good work hours, not much to complain on that area…. BUT; my dream is not going to chase itself, I am willing to risk it and leave in order to have a job where I could travel, live abroad, and practice MMA; after all, what is life if it isn’t chasing what you love must?

That is why I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately, I’m working on making my dream a reality and it has been a complex process. Why is this relevant to My MMA Life? Because a lot of us have that dream, that same mindset about achieving a goal willingly to sacrifice something to achieve it, but sometimes we may not really know how to get there. So guys… this is my journey there; I will document this experience on becoming an independent self-sustainable e-commerce/entrepreneur/traveler/blogger/martial art practitioner/human been. Last time I left everything behind for two months in Thailand; this time I have bigger plans, so, sacrifice may be bigger, but the reward may be higher.


The plan goes a bit as follows: I’ve been thinking about starting a business online, trying to make gift giving website for that special someone that actually creates a meaningful unique, handcrafted gift, and makes the experience a little more simple for the user, so I’m working on an online boutique, hopefully this will help me get a little extra cash to save up and make my dream a reality, a business I can run from home, wherever my home could be at the time! I’m also trying to certify myself to be able to teach English as a second language (Plan B, always be prepared for a brick storm). My second language skills have always helped me find better jobs in my country, all though it’s not an asset anymore it helps if you can speak em’ both with a certain level of fluency; so certifying myself is important for this new project, I need to make sure I have a safety net for this plan.



We are also making some changes around here in our blog. It’s important to mention that, A HUGE part of my little or big success is thanks to YOUR SUPPORT, my readers, the first accomplishment in my bucket list, having a blog that means something to someone and surprisingly enough, YOU RESPONDED. So thank you infinitely :’),

I will continue to make regular post but will also have a section dedicated to my traveling which hopefully helps you if it is that we share some dream, I will make the blog a bit more “reading friendly” and will (as usual) take all the help you offer with your comments.

So stay awesome my friends and keep dreaming, you are my biggest inspiration.


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