My first jiujitsu seminar

I never attended a MMA seminar in general and I tought it was about time.

It’s safe to say that after almost 2 years, MMA is for me, I may not be able to do this full-time but, Being a blogger and all, attending seminars should be a thing.
So I went to visit this relatively new gym in Rosarito called Playas fitness ( I love to visit new gyms and mix it up a little now and then), the name is not so MMA-ish right? But the gear and place it self says otherwise.
They have big mats, cleans bathrooms, hot running water (that s a big plus for me), a cage for training and new gear. It’s safe to say its one of those diamond in the rough gyms, since its fairely new and it’s not packed.
One of the owners of the gym, Germy invited us to come in for the seminar, he was a cool guy all hippie-surfer-like type of person (well Germy wasn’t his actual name but he told us the story about him having a germophobic phase that’s how he got the nickname germy as in germs, lol).

So back to the seminar people, it was going to be this jiujitsu seminar given by a Californian black belt by the name of Bill (not his real name, but for the sake of the story we will call him Bill) He looked a lot like that guy in the TV series The mentalist. It was funny to me how he didn’t give us his last name even the day of the seminar he presented himself as Bill but he never give us his last name. He also asked that we didn’t take pictures of him, we could take pictures of each other but none of those pictures could have him in it. My theory is, that he signed a contract and he wasn’t able to give any seminars or be able to be out of the country however since Germy was his friend I think he did that as a personal favor; The gym itself was kinda empty, it was really clean and really nice, everything was new but there wasn’t a lot of people in the seminar; You see this gym is a brother Gym to another place here in TJ (in Playas de Tijuana) so I’m guessing a lot of the people who attended was actually from the other gym in TJ.

Still there was almost 10 people in the seminar which for a new Gym I would say its fine, small classes or seminars give you that special attention from the instructors or senseis. Theres also a lot more space to work, more one on one attention, no slacking off. How ever my biggest problem with visiting new gym’s is that I fall in love quickly with the small group attention and meeting new people, and once I try a week or two at a new place I run back to my home gym ( I get home sick…).

To me it seemed to much like a regular jiujitsu class more than a seminar, but it was a great class, one on one attention, new people, I rolled with 4 guys and I was able to pull off some basic moves I’ve been trying to improve and al tough most times it doesnt fly with some blue belts in Entram it did with these guys (mostly takedowns). So it was a great way to test my game out side of my comfort zone. unfortunately it was not a great photo-op. LOL.

Have you attended any seminars? What to expect? Roll on guys!


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