Finding your killer instinct.

This is a tough one, you see most girls don’t have that male killer instinct, don’t be fooled I will tap you out if I see the chance. But I personally think its something that most girls have to work up for. I know I definitely have to work towards it, I’m not a naturally aggressive fighter, nor I’m always looking for trouble, I’m actually a very relaxed zen person, I just happen to love fighting (LOL).


I think a killer instinct is a state of mind, its different for me in various activities, when I roll (jiujitsu) on the regular basis I just feel so relaxed, I see my options; When my opponent is looking for a quick finish I do step it up. I’m just not looking for the kill every time, I like to try new moves, learn something new from my opponents.

When I’m doing MMA , Muay Thai or boxing I do know I have to step it up its kill or be killed, you can’t be on survival mode in any sport, but in jiu-jitsu you learn more if you roll a little slower.


Only while I was living in Thailand I fully had the chance to dedicate myself 100% to my trainings, I was only focusing in Muay Thai of course and traveling within the area, there’s not a lot of female Muay Thai fighters, I remember we used to run 4 km every day for warm ups before class, and one of those times there was a group of women standing on the side-walk near a Big C (a wallmart type of supermarket) so I’m the only girl in the group at that time and as I run pass they are cheering. It was the most amazing feeling ever! having a support from any women, also my readers is enough to encourage us all.

I gave it my all, I trained at 100% each day and I could see in my self how much I waned to learn, to get better, to succeed, to punch that little Thai man in the face when he teased me in Thai language when I missed. Then one day while sparring with a Thai instructor I saw that girl, I talked about this before in an article when I was back in Thailand. How bad do you want to win?


I see great female fighters going on like beasts in the octagon, and then others that you think to your self “they might not want it as much”. If they are there believe me they want it, it’s a long road for a female fighter to get there on your tv screen, but how do you get that aggression?

Me? they yell at me at the gym, LOL, it sounds dumb but it works, I’m sparring and everybody yells:

– Cover your self!!

– Body shots Hannia!!

– Move forward!!

– Keep your hands up!!

and then I hear it… How much do you want it?!! you are loosing!! you can do better!!

They push you, but you have to push yourself too, dream about it, watch videos about it, talk about it, it has to be your all. Just like any other thing in life that you wanna succeed in, It works the same way around. Only when you give something your all, is when life decides you deserve something back.

Miesha Tate hits pads

You wanna find your inner beast? go find it, test your self, push your self to the limit, and just when you think you cant do it any more but your body pushes you to keep going, that’s where you’ll find it.

Its waiting for you.


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