Part time rollers

Part time, full-time or on the weekends; practicing jiu-jitsu at any stage is hard. As a newbie, as a veteran or black belt it is one of those sports that demands all of you (body and mind), so this post is for us, part time rollers that dream big but can only do ‘so much’.

As I sat on the couch keeping up with Fightland, BJJweekly and other MMA news, reading article after article (something I generally browse through at work now and then, only work has been hectic lately), I realized I needed to come to peace with a horrible and scary idea; being a part-time roller. It’s hard to do this full-time, but at a certain degree, it’s hard for part timers too; you would find yourself doing what you love but not without first, having to do something you hate (specifically for me, WORKING, Right?).

Talking after class with my buddy Salvador the other day we came to that debate, it’s harder for part-time rollers, you want to do that all the time but you can’t, you need to struggle through life, work and the mat. You are also judged for doing it part-time, your sensei thinks you could try harder, your team mates give you a hard time about not showing up last Friday; you could always try harder, but then again not all of us get to be pro’s for a reason, maybe the sacrifice is to big or maybe you just don’t want it bad enough (I bet someone has said this to you at least once).


Not to blame the system or ourselves, we just all have a number one priority and it will truly show only after you tasted it partially. For me, travelling is that number one priority; I love MMA, all about it makes me shiver and giggle (true story); but what I want the most in the world is to practice MMA while I travel the world. What can I say I, was built for traveling, everything revolves around it and my world has change thanks to it. Others have changed their world for the mat and don’t get me wrong; I love the mat but not just the one in Entram, I love them all and the idea of conquering each one of them in a different country inspires me, learning from a different culture thrives me and training in new gyms around the world and with getting to meet new people that pursue a similar dream is MY WHY. Even though this has set me back on my learning process (cant deny), but one thing I learned this year is that I would wait another 4 years or more if necessary just to get that blue belt, as long as I get to do this around the world and conquer my “WHY”, at least for months at the time.

Already tried Muay Thai in Thailand and fell in love with Asia; now I want to do MMA in China, Judo in Japan and Capoeira in Brazil. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for a month at a time, meeting new fighters, telling their story’s trough mine, that’s why this blog was born in the first place, its not only about MY life in MMA, it’s about all you, the daily fighters, whichever your fight to conquer a dream is and how you will  make it happen; I’ve met so many amazing people through this sport and their story’s, that I immediately knew they needed to be shared as well, so welcome to the dream.

If you want to be the best you have to train with the best, dedication, talent, and doing this day and night makes the pro, but at my 28 years I come to peace on doing this because I love it, even if Dana White doesn’t know I exist, I still love to write about it and sharing it with the incredible people I have the pleasure to meet along my journey.

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