That douchey blue belt…

Warning serious bitching’ ahead…

I often forget I’m a girl during my training, I do all the exercises all the other guys do, I don’t get offended by the uncomfortable positions, I don’t really notice when someones butt is in my face (literally) I just think about passing guard and not being tapped. But the other day I was reminded what it is to be the girl in the group.
I’m not trying to just nag, I think most of the times we girls just suck it up when it comes to feeling like we are treated differently because we don’t want to seem weak, like we where gonna lose face, but its time to speak up!!! We shouldnt be treated differently!!!

So there’s this blue belt his name will remain anonymous due to his doucheyness level he presented the other day, I will only state, he is relatively new to the gym, and I hadn’t trained or rolled with him before.


I get to class, Raul (our coach) explains the technique we are gonna drill, which was simple back control to mount and I realized everybody has a partner already, so I turn around and see the anonymous blue belt with no partner in a confused state.

– Do you wanna do the technique together? I asked.

– Yeahh… well… give me one second, Dude?! can I do it with you two guys?!!

I got soooooo pissed, so he’s trying to partner up with another two guys clearly with a partner already!!

– How about you guys?!! can I join You? no?, ok then… let’s do this.

WTF!! is it because I’m a girl?!! or Because I’m white!!! (Belt)?!! LOL. Either way it was horrible, so I told him to start and I get in position, we do the drill and he’s not doing it right!!! and I noticed he’s supper pissed, he makes a comment, I’ve never done this drill before (something that simple? as a blue belt? yeah right). So I try to be the bigger person and walk him trough it, he looses his patience and tell’s me to start instead.

I do the drill no big deal and Raul (our coach) explained the next exercise and He books it!! He just ran to some other 2 guys… WTF… So I was left without a partner on judo type takedowns, which was the next exercise… I had to partner up with a big guy (relatively new as well) that didn’t want to do takedowns with me because he was afraid to hurt me with his supernatural strength… (sigh)

I explained I had done the exercise before, didn’t work… thankfully, another blue belt that has quite some time in the gym showed up late, (a little more around my weight) and we did the takedowns with no issue.

Please guys, we girls know that not all of you feel comfortable with training with girls, it’s a reality that we chicks have to face now and then, we get it, you don’t wanna be the guy that hurts the girl in the mat with your Hulk strength. But don’t be disrespectful about it. It wont kill you to Bruce Banner yourself a little to do technique for an hour.

You arent also loosing an hour of your life if you are a blue belt doing technique with a white belt, you are helping someone out, be good to the belts below you if the belt above you have always helped you. That’s called being a good partner, that’s what makes a gym great, that’s what makes Entram great.

That we help each other out.

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