Jiujitsu is out to get me.

Lately jiu-jitsu has been out to get me, I was having a lot of work and have been trying to get more hours into my training, fortunately my husband is finally back training as well so with his support its a lot easier to go together to the gym, he pushes me to go when I don’t feel like it, or stay an extra class. He’s more of a 0 to 100 kind of guy. So this means I’ve been taking an extra class a day, which has me a little exhausted.


This transition leads to my sensei questioning me a lot if I’m late to class.

– I see your late to class miss.

– I just got out or work coach.

– Work? jiu-jitsu is work!! I want to make you a blue belt.

– But coach… (wait a minute… he said blue belt?… omg) Yes coach!!!

Or can’t stay another class (Because of clothe folding or other wifely duties), I’ve also been trying to lose weight as well so I’m hitting the treadmill twice a week, out of thin air he pops out and asks:

– What are you doing? Why are you not doing jiu-jitsu?

– I’m running, I’m trying to lose weight.

– Running doesnt work, don’t run, do jiu-jitsu.

– But…

– jiu-jitsu!!

LOL. (Ok by now it seems like I’m over doing it, but our coach is awesome, and hilarious!)
I Feel like I’ve been falling out of the game lately, I understand that I have other responsibilities, My life isn’t all MMA, I work, I blog, I am a wife, but still, its hard to compete with 20 year old’s (or younger), these are the guys I roll with, there are truly not that many old folks like me (late 20’s and 30’s). So I have to try to squeeze some cardio and weight lifting now and then for the sake of getting a little stronger (and be able to do the gun show!).
I’ve been trying to roll harder and push my self a little further to keep in the game, I have the bruises and soreness to prove it. The other day I rolled extra hard and did receive a couple of foots in face (specially in the nose which I hate), and face slam’s in the mat due to a homoplata I was too slow to escape.
Other than that I’ve been trying to spend more time as well with some gym buddies, had some people over to our house to see the Mayweather vs. Paquiao fight, that was a lot of fun. (Try watching some box with all out BJJ buddies and youll get a lot of this, LOL)

– I don’t get it, why isn’t he trying to get him to the ground?!

– Because its boxing Bob, LOL.

– this dosent make sense, Is his ground work bad?

We had pizza and drinks, some of them took their kids as well, it was good family fun. Take the time to get to know your training partners, you already have a common interest, watch the UFC together or go support your partners at a tournament, these are great guys with similar interests. At your gym you wont only make great friends, you make Family.

Happy Rolling.

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