MMA to better the world.

Theres a new movement going around and it al started with a couple of fighters…

It all starts with a fighter, some where, in any remote place in the world you might want to take a closer look; These fighters particularly from Mexico. One day you wake up and you find your path, probably a martial art class you attended once or a boxing fight you once saw on tv that led to that desire to become a fighter.

You train every day, put in long hours in the gym and it becomes your purpose, but what happens when that purpose becomes something bigger than yourself? it moves other people not only to belive in what you do, but to believe in what the world could be if they all worked on the same drive.

Jose Alberto “Teco” Quiñones and Masio Fullen, (two fighters you might know from “The Ultimate Fighter Latinoamerica” Season 1) Have a very interesting concept about MMA in the world. It’s an honor to have them train in our home gym Entram, where they not only remind us that hard work pays off, but they are teaching us how we are all one big MMA community, and that there are no borders that limit talent.

As their journey has taken them from small gyms to the UFC, they have learned that we all speak the fighting language, you may look different, have different nationalities, culture or believes, but we all speak “punches”. We are all the same once we set foot in that octagon, the only thing that speaks up is pure hard work.


It doesnt matter if you are handsome, rich, poor, all that time spent working on the mat is what will take you to the top. These are the two most humble guys I know, They believe the world is one big neighborhood (“Barrio”) and that no matter our nationality we are all residents of the world, they also believe that martial arts ia a discipline that can help change the world. It teaches dedication, empowerment, humility, responsibility which are tools that can take kids off the streets and give them a dream and a career.


It is important in this day and age to have something to believe in, and I truly believe what they are trying to express trough MMA, if everybody as parents involves their kids in sports, in a martial art, judo, jiujitsu, any of them; It gives them something to focus in, something to dedicate themselves to, to be passionate about and pass that message over to the world.

When a child learns a martial art or combat skill, they also learn not to use it, to be responsable about their knowledge and to not hurt other kids, they teach you that this is a sport and when you are able to use your knowledge, not in the streets but in the mat.


Martial arts builds character and honor, and trough them we are able to build principals in new generations for a better tomorrow.

And you? Are you doing a martial art?


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