A dream and a GI.

Our Gym has become a gate way for Mexican fighters, we’ve been getting a lot of young guys from across the country to come train with us and start following their dreams.

I see a lot of new faces lately some come and go, others prepare for moths for fights but yesterday a new guy arrived and call me crazy but it was magical, allow me to explain.

This young guy arrives with this huge bag, a little tired, eyes shinning bright. He approaches the mat and asks (with a southern accent):

– Are you professor Raul Arvizu?

– Yes Yes!! are you the guy that was arriving today to train?

– Yes professor we just arrived.

– Are you tired? Was it a long trip?

– No we slept on the way here.

– You have a Gi? Put it on, we just started the class…

All class long, while I was doing technique with my partner, I kept wondering how awesome it feels leave it all behind for a dream. I did it once to train in Thailand, only for 3 months and it changed my life, so seeing him doing this for a living and imagining the world of possibilities, not knowing where this could take you, it’s a priceless feeling.

One day he decided to practice MMA, maybe it runs in the family, maybe his dad was a boxer; So one day he joined a gym and started training, he spent countless hours in the mat, rain or shine, sometimes nights as well as days. He fell in love with the sport and dedicated all his time to it. While in school or juggling between jobs, somehow he made it out to do this for a living. Only him alone knows all that he has sacrificed along the way to step into our mat this Monday.

We all know that a fighters life isn’t filled with luxuries as most people imagine, I’ve been around them enough time to realize that they are the most humble and nice people I will know. they don’t really need much, they live to train it’s that simple. So for a small town guy to be able to pack his bags, say Goodbye to his loving family and move to TJ ( Tijuana, Mexico) where he will be able to train with the best and embark on a dream life full of possibilities is just amazing.

IMG-20150507-WA0002 (1)

You could see the excitement in his eyes, that fire to work hard, improve and chase what could be his. Most of us take that for granted, and I include myself in this sentence as well, we live in this (relatively) big city where we train in one f the best Gyms in the country, and all tough we love our Gym and we are a family, we take it for granted sometimes. This guy was so exited, it was like he felt he already was on the big leages; It was priceless and it reminded me that Pro or no-Pro we still train on a great Gym with a legendary coach, we are lucky to call it our home gym.

Whats exiting about new fighters its that they bump up the competition in our gym, we all push each other and motivate each other to improve. That fire catches other fighters and we remember why we are doing this and why we dream day and night about a cage, a mat, a podium…

My dream? travel the world and talk to you guys about these amazing fighters.

2 thoughts on “A dream and a GI.”

  1. This story has made me so motivated. I have been wanting to start training in No-Gi for a while now. It’s not that i don’t love it. It’s just laziness keeps getting over me and i keep on postponing it. Should i start from Gi and then move to No-Gi? or should i start from No-Gi?

    1. One of my professors once told me, if you are good with gi, you will be good nogi, but it doesnt work the other way around. I personally love both, maybe nogi a.little more jajajaj , i Hope that helps you!

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