A woman’s fate in MMA

Theres a lot of milestones in a grown womans life that we all know are a little different for women than men, marriage, having kids, being a single parent. Both men and women go trough these stages in life a little differently.

It isn’t the same drill when a guy has a kid that when a woman has a kid (other than the obvious “I gave birth and carried the child in my wound” kind-a-thing), being a single parent isn’t always the same drill as well. So why would we expect jiu-jitsu to be the same?


I started practicing MMA after I got Married, yes, I think to myself why didn’t I hear about it sooner?! I worry mostly because of my age, Why? because I don’t have the same crazy energy as my 16-year-old blue belt opponent in the mat. I’m in no rush, I like what I do and I’m here for the long run, If i where to be an eternal white belt I would still keep doing what I’m doing.

I’ve read about too many amazing women doing this with kids even as a pro fighter that I don’t really think I’m in a disadvantage. But you can surely see when some teammates do. Combat sorts are a young mans game, the stamina, the energy, the explosion is a lot more vivid in a youngster we could say, but what about responsibilities? Of course when youre 18 school is your only obligation, for other early bloomers work or a child; But as a guy even marriage comes along with different expectations. I don’t have kids, nor plan on having any time soon, but does being married drag me down? No, we pull ourselves down.


I’ve read about BJJ mom’s, mom’s who take their kids to training even as babies and set the stroller on the edge of the mat, pregnant BJJ practitioners that focus more on technique with the guidance of their sensei, I even read once about a woman who started training at the age of 50! So as a woman I don’t really think our womanhood drags us down. We can easily keep doing what  we love, we probably just have to focus a little harder. assuming you do this on the side or as a hobbie.

If you do this for a living you grow to be a little more conscious about what you do and the decisions you take in life and how this affects your career. Any good teacher will support and guide you, whether you are married, single, if you where to do this constantly or not, their job is to motivate and inspire their padawans, no matter if you do this for a year of for the rest of your life.


So when ever I see a young girl in a GI or doing MMA in the mat I don’t really think to my self ” oh honey enjoy this while you can”

Her career can go on for as long as she wants, just like a man would… But I’m not saying it will be easy.

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