Dreaming about training abroad? 10 Tip’s on how to travel cheap.

One of the most frequent questions I still get from you my loyal readers is how to train abroad cheap? Most people have this idea of traveling being super expensive, don’t see it as a distant dream yet.

1) Do your research.

This is simple, I read and read online for hours a day on where I was going, where to stay, where to train. Blogs are your best friends when researching the web for travel destinations. Real people, real experiences.

2) Be budget friendly.wpid-20140511_202246.jpg

Be honest on how much you can spend and work around it, there’s a lot of amazing destinations around the world that won’t break your bank; I personally was thinking about going to Canada to train last year, when my budget only allowed me a couple of weeks there, in Thailand that same budget lasted me 2 months. Try to select a travel destination based on your means as well, it’s a big world, you’ll find a place to visit.

3) Work your finances.

Save up, put in extra hour’s, make travelling your priority, only then you’ll be able to get it done. Try limiting some expensive indulgences that can be swapped like coffee for example instead of buying your regular 5 bucks a day Starbucks, make coffee at home to save more cash.

4) Inspiration helps.wpid-26100-1.jpg

Change your computer back ground, your ring tone, the poster in your office. You wanna see your goals EVERYWHERE for you to never forget what you’re working for.

5) Always have a plan B.

Shit happens, so if you see your goals a little further away try to check another cheaper location, Asia is filled with beautiful budget friendly countries to visit where you could get by with less than 20 usd a day!

6)Buddy up!

Travel with a friend that way you can always split hotel costs, car rentals, etc.

7)You don’t Always have to fly.wpid-pic20140519191502.jpg

Check other alternative travels rather than flying, travel by train, boat or bus, sometimes its a lot cheaper to move around by land. Moving by land is also a great way of getting to know the cities as well, you get to see a little more of the country that average tourists don’t.

8) when to travel?

If you want to splurge on flight tickets its ok you can still buy the tickets in advance and get good deals, but if you want to save some serious Dinero you need to travel out of the conventional vacation times, spring break or summer time is great for travel but prices sky-rocket during those dates, Every where! travel off-season, like October,  August, February and save a lot on flights and hotels.

9) H for H

If you want to spend months at the time training abroad you need to think budget friendly, saving money will help you stay longer on your dream destination so switch Hotels to Hostels. paying a little less on accommodation might sometimes mean spending one or two more weeks abroad; Theres always apartments you can rent or hostels you can share with other young travelers for you to save more and travel more.

10) No tour guide Required.wpid-20140520_114937.jpg

Forget about those costly all included guides to the city, the best way to get to know a country is to visit the places the local know and recommend. Getting lost in a new city is also always a fun way to discover new places. I research the hot spots to visit in advance and plan the rest along the way. Asking the people in your gym in what places are must see’s and which are just tourist traps is always a great idea. I got a couple great deals in Thailand just by knowing someone at the gym that had-friend-that-knew-a-guy, LOL.

The bottom line is that for Budget travel you need to do your homework and plan in advance.

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