MMA Smoothies Lab

Hey Guys!

Smoothies have become a big part of my diet now, I’m on a coffee detox streak to eliminate my morning coffee and cookies (horrible, horrible habits…), so out with the sweets and in with the real fruits and veggies!!

I’m not gonna lie, its been hard, specially those first couple of days when you feel like you will murder someone for a cup of joe, LOL

Why smoothies? Full replacement meal!! with juice is mostly about only getting the water and nutrients, hold the pulp. But with smoothies yea pulp! and along comes the fiber and all the good stuff that fills you up, I’ve honestly done both and like smoothies better, they fill you up for a longer period of time and have all the benefits of the fruit you drop in to the blender. (Plus the cleaning is a hell of a lot easier).

Monday on the matimages

– Acai Juice or puree.

– Half a pear or apple (Dont over do it or it will get a thick consistency, believe me, once I over did it, had to eat my smoothie with a spoon, LOL).

– Banana.

– Ice.

– Chia seeds.

Training on a Saturday.

– Orange Juice.ZeroFruitSmoothie-3

– Strawberries

– Banana.

– Apple.

– Ice

– Flax seed powder

The Royce Gracie

– Coconut flavored Greek yogurt.images (1)

– Pear

– Honey

– Ice

– Wheat germ powder.

Shoots and sprawls

– Carrot juice

– Mixed berriesfresh-juice-smoothies-with-mixed-berries-in-mason-jar-glass-e1428104016549

– Fresh strawberries

– Banana

– Kiwi

– Ice


– Strawberries6b66dfcf5c2005f749352f6d3f8d1b98_grande

– Banana

– Almonds

– Natural Yogurt

– Honey

– Raw oatmeal.

– Ice

Last week I finally went and got my self a protein shaker glass, I love mason jars and I have a cute pink one that is practical and holds in hot and cold beverages, but the shaker glasses are a lot more practical on the go, I can just put the cap on and take it on the road, I loved that it also stores powder in the bottom and pills. That way you can hold all your pre and post workout junk in the glass with its add-ons.


And if you where wondering, my new and shiny protein glass is pink also, LOL.

Follow us on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, (among others!!) as well to check for more daily smoothies updates, mine dont seem to look as nice as the pictures above but the flavor is great!!

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