The king has fallen.

This past Saturday marked a big moment for the UFC’s heavyweight division… The former king Cain Velasquez lost the belt to the truly best heavyweight in the world Fabricio Werdum by a very well placed guillotine choke.


After al the hard work and responsibility taken in part by Fabricio, to me it was a fair and a well deserved win for the Brazilian. The fact that he took the time to arrive to Mexico more than 30 days before the fight to train in the adequate altitude talks about his professionalism, I personally am a big Werdum fan because of his BJJ, sense of humor, charisma and the fact that he carries himself as a well-educated person in the media.

In such a growing sport, that is constantly innovating itself with new younger fighters I believe its imperative that you continue to work on your weakness and Cain did not evolve like the other fighters. He stucked to his punch power and kicks and wanted to knock out Werdum; I was so surprized, Werdum took a lot of big punches and truly showed he has a great jaw and worked hard on his boxing because he knew that the former king wasnt going to trust in his ground work. Cain also showed his fear to Brazilian Jiujitsu and even though he did some take downs he wouldn’t by any means go to the ground with Werdum, which speaks a lot about his BJJ.

At the end somebody should have told VelasqueFabricioStunsCain_1_hq8qfo3b_z31w3bnhz that in a take down you can expose your neck and get caught up in a choke. Which took only a second for Werdum to launch himself in to the air to a guard position and finish with a guillotine choke. A clear example of his resources as a fighter.

This is he second of 3 consecutive weekends of fights that we are dying to watch; Last week’s fight night the amazing “Teco” Quiñones from my home gym Entram and his submission had us jumping up and down on the couches, Everybody was posting online like crazy, remembering doing several drills and working on his BJJ constantly with other brothers in the mat. And for him to get the chance to use what he was strongly working on for weeks, was priceless.


This past Saturday Mogly Benitez also from Entram gym, won by decision  that truly I believe he could have finished on the first round, but It seemed like he was pretty merciful with his opponent. He saw that he was tired and instead of taking an advantage, he clearly wanted a clean fight, it was like watching him spar at the gym. He was giving it his all but never abusive of his opponent. He saw that his opponent was gassed out and still gave an amazing fight.

Yahir “El Pantera” also in the undercard this past UFC 188 with his glorious puke and “sorry I’m tired” had us lolling our pants off. And our former training buddy as well “El Diablito” Perez lost by submision , well, was put to sleep in the octagon for the first time and after such a controversial win on the ultimate fighter latinoamerica, to me? he needed this win this match to regain face, a lot of people where rooting for “El Teco” Quiñones on TUF Latinoamerica and werent really that satisfied with his win, and to see him lose his first fight after TUF and the other former finalist win his first undercard fight is leading to some controversy among them. Truly I was heart-broken to see him lose like that. But, he’ll dust himself off and get back in the octagon soon.


This next Saturday June 20th we await the fight of Masio Fullen former TUF Latinamerica contestant from Entram gym which is to fight in Berlin.

Theres a lot of beef between Masio and his opponent, crazy threats and statements were made by both parties, which promises an even more exiting fight. I’m just honestly rooting with all my might because he’s one of my favorite fighters in the gym; He’s humble, funny and a great guy, so we are all rooting for him to win this fight.

Good luck Masio!11535817_1606614762946939_4154228513429827263_n

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