The Doucey Blue belt returns.

There where several interesting moments this past weeks on our training, Entram was, well left un supervised, LOL.

Sensei has just come back from several UFC events, as I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of guys from my Gym had big fights and of course Raul was there with them every step of the way. So its been a little crazy at the gym, Jujiteiros doing Muay Thai classes to experiment (LOL), people where skipping class, the ones that where in class where monkeying around, everyone was all over the place, and it was super fun!!

Dont get me wrong we did do some training, but it was light and fun; Hell I’ve even lost weight because I was able to hit the treadmill twice a week without sensei peeking out from the corners telling me to get back in the mat! LOL.

During this time I came to understand other training partners as well some that I don’t regularly pay attention to, like, The doucey blue belt (remember him?).


So Angie and I where working our technique together on may I say a Great class! given by Fernando, one of our blue belts (probably soon to be purple belt), He talked about the importance of your 100K game and how to improve on it. I love his classes because it’s more of a modern jiu-jitsu focused towards competition, rather than Raul’s traditional and MMA orientated jiu-jitsu; Both are great, but they are very different. We always do more modern techniques in Fernando’s classes, more daring drills, and explains why some specific movements used to be important in competitions in the 90’s and now aren’t. Let’s say he’s very gold medal-podioum-points oriented.

Long story short we finish technique and its rolling time and Doucey Blue belt approaches us and states: ” Hey girls, so… I’m hurt in my shoulder and can’t really roll hard, so I think I’m gonna roll with you girls today, is that cool?”

OMG… The nerve… I knew he wasnt hearing himself say it, Maybe no one has ever told him Dude, that sounds doucey… And after staring at each other for a second, I stepped back and said, Angie you can roll with him first, andimage I scouted another partner, for the next round I had already called out another guy half a round in advance (as you may see I really didn’t wanna roll with him).

But by the end of the second round he was there standing beside me and my opponent, waiting for us to finish rolling and ask again to roll with me… So, I rolled with him. And I realized, He wasnt being a menie, even showed me a new GI choke, so I came to the conclusion that He’s just maybe Ducey by nature, he really didn’t sound mean or like he heard himself speak. So I’ll let it glide trough and move on.

Later that week us girls realized that it was the first time (in EVER) that there’s actually 3 girls doing jiu-jitsu together in the same class, so to celebrate, Abigail, Angie and I, went to get some coffee and jiujitsu-girl-chat. For so long it was only me in the class and an additional girl came and gone, until Angie stuck around for almost 6 months now, we’ve been good bud’s now but with Abby on the mix its awesome to have a girls night out and talk about jiu-jitsu with someone else, we talked about ourselves and training, nothing else!

And it was great.


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