The real Thai diet.

You train like a real Muay Thai fighter but don’t eat like one? A big part of the Thai life is in their food, all natural un-processed, non-frozen and as fresh as it gets makes a real difference in you body, remember that the body doesn’t only absorb nutrients, it also absorbs the steroids and chemicals in processed foods, all of that will give you a different body than eating clean and all natural organic produce.

So what does a real Thai fighter eat on the daily basis?

It’s not protein shakes or bars, nor thermogenic pills or powder; They eat real food, the type of real veggies that come out of the dirt or trees rather than the frozen food ale. Their protein? eggs, no powder, no bars, only eggs and pork, on the fancy days some chicken, but its a little bit more expensive.

At a traditional Gym such as K.C. Muay Thai in northern Thailand here’s what we regularly ate in our gym during our 3 month stay.


– Veggies, (sometimes with minced pork or chicken) and rice ( a little spicy and garlic-y) with one or two fried eggs on top depending on how much protein you wanted.

– Or Veggies and rice in curry form (a little more sweet than spicy, also sometimes with minced pork or chicken).

– Grilled protein skewers, either minced pork with rice noodles, small pieces of barbecue pork (not the same flavor as you imagined) or small chicken pieces with peanut sauce, these are grilled at the moment and are a great protein meal.

– And the occasional papaya salad (which isn’t the type papaya you would imagine, it’s another non-papaya fruit from asia, which is always a surprise to order and fairly good)

The first time I heard of the dish I was blown away imageto hear that they even had papaya in Thailand, as soon as I got my salad I was so disappointed to see that well, it wasnt what I had in mind, but still it had a similar taste to the actual papaya fruit that we know, it’s very fresh and lemony flavored, a little spicy and the tomatoes gives it a familiar taste.

To me those where the tastes of home…

Let me do some graphics and explain a little better how are you to find your meals, This image below to your right is your protein bar. (LOL).

It’s very common to find in the streets small stalls wfood-stall-chiang-mai-thailandith various types of grilled meat; Mainly pork, fish (most of the times filed with wheatgrass and spices), chicken (with barbecue or peanut sauce for dipping, now and then you’ll get lucky and find beef (but its a lot more expensive ant the quality isn’t that great. My personal favorite where ones that where pork but had a little fat that when grilled tasted like bacon. (YUM!).

I didn’t really eat fish, in the streets they alsothailand-sunday-walking-street-chiang-mai had sushi stall’s everywhere, in the night markets as well. They would go for 10 bath per 3 pieces, but my common sense  told me to stay away since I regularly didn’t see much refrigeration and it was pretty hot, either than that, the streets are a great place to find any type of food for a lot cheaper than restaurants, where talking about 30-40 baths per meal (Around 1 usd).

Your carbs generally come in rice form or noodles, either pad Thai, or noodles soup, made with broth and veggies.


Most of the rice I ate in the northern part of the country was mixed with veggies, all natural/non-frozen/out of the dirt carrots kind of veggies and it gave the rice a very unique taste. But what I truly fell in love with was sticky rice, It’s so fun and easy to eat, it was by far one of my favorite meals in Thailand.

On one of our last days we drove our scooters for hours further up Chiang Mai to visit an elephant camp, you could see the rice fields and the beautiful scenery, lushes trees and vegetation.

After driving for a couple of hours we stopped on the side of the road to have lunch, we ate grilled chicken and sticky rice, it was the simplest thing ever, but the most delicious dish I ever ate, I don’t know if it was the rainy weather, the nostalgia of going back home that might have impaired my judgement, but  it was the meal I most enjoyed in my stay in that beautiful country, with just a couple of close friends on the side of the road.

It was by far the meal that described the country for me.


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