I see Blue on the horizon!!

Hey guys!

At Arte suave tournament.

It’s been a couple of really hard and busy weeks, I’ve been giving it my all these past weeks and its paying off, I’ve been working on my ground work focusing on my BJJ (GI) and two Sunday’s ago I was promoted to 3 stripes, one more away from becoming a blue belt!! I feel so close I can smell it!!

I was so exited, My sensei mentioned that I was doing great and that if I kept rolling like I was doing until now I might just turn blue by the next belt ceremony. I’ve been rolling as a white belt for two years and a half now, time has gone by so fast, But I’ve seem to be improving a little quicker over the past months. So it’s ON!!!

I want to get back on the tournament game, win or lose. For quite some time I’ve been pondering whether to do it, there’s a lot of pressure in our gym, you see there’s a lot of great fighters, a lot of Mexican UFC fighters come from our gym, the best BJJ blue belts in the country as well; so to be honest no one wants  to be the one that looses, we all fight proud because we love Entram, we are a family here and like any family no one wants to be the only one to lose at a tournament.

Jiujitsu Family, friends and belt.

All though our sensei always tells us to just go out and have fun and tell’s us the story that he lost his first 6 fights… (I’m really skeptical about that, LOL) He doesnt pressure us at all I think it’s mostly all in our heads, Entram is known to have great fighters, in big or small tournaments Entram always brings in home the gold so no one really wants to be the one that loses, but that’s what jiu-jitsu is all about, in such a complex sport there no unbeaten fighters, and I believe now that loosing is a big part of the process as a fighter.

I’ve been  so motivated that you know what they say, new belt new GI!!! so I’m figuring out what brand to go for, I want something super light and easy to move in, I’ve been researching Moya’s models, but well see.

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