The Gracie diet.

I’ve been working on cleaning up my diet a little more, I had what I considered to be bad habits such as morning coffee with creamers and syrup ( And a cookie or two… or three), So it doesn’t make me happy but I have been switching them for healthier options now that I’m putting more hours in to my training. I need to step it up in the kitchen as well if I wanna see any results.fruits-and-veggies-main

– I switched my morning coffee and cookies for a 100% natural fruit smoothie (no milk base, all fruits and natural fruit juice or soy fruit juice).

– Radom lunches for tuna salad/ veggie and grilled chicken salad.

– My snacks are now cheese, nuts or a piece of fruit.

– Drink A LOT of water, I know you’ve heard this before, but drinking a lot of water will keep the cravings away and will keep you feeling full, It’s that easy; It’s been supper hot lately so that hasn’t been an issue for me at the moment.

– The hardest though has been Dinner, Switching to a lighter option such as shakes, fruit or yogurt. (I get supper hungry after working out) which used to lead me into having big dinners, which made me gain weight because I get back home from the gym late, so I ate and then passed out in the couch after showering… A horrible summer-producecircle.

How has This has helped me in the mat? Well, I feel lighter, with more energy, I fell less bloated and heavy during the day, and little by little I’ve been loosing a couple of pounds.

I’ve been working my smoothie and meal combinations based on the Gracie diet, I’m not a big diet person but, the Gracie diet is very easy to follow and it doesn’t starve you to death; Its more of a guide line on how to combine your meals. They don’t really tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but it separates certain fruits that should not be paired with one another due to sugar content, as well as defining good, gracie-diet_table1bad carbs and oils.

All people have a general idea on what foods to avoid when you want to lose weight (fried foods, sweets, soda, junk food), but once you start cleaning up your diet, it helps to know how to separate carbs from other food groups that may slow down your metabolism. Once you know what to eat, they help you learn how to eat it.

It basically divides food into several groups and explains which groups can and cannot be mixed with one another:

Group A – vegetables, greens, meats, seafood, fats and oily foods
Group B – starches
Group C – sweet fruits and foods, fresh and creamy cheeses
Group D – acidic fruits
Group E – raw bananasgracie-diet_table2
Group F – milk

The Gracie diet has been used for more than 75 years and it understands a fighters needs, that’s why it doesn’t limit their fuel quantity, but encourages an all natural, clean and healthy food intake. If you ask me? If someone knows a thing about jiu-jitsu it’s the Gracie’s. So between them and my small knowledge of cooking (which is mostly rice and veggies, and stuff I picked up from living in Thailand), I’ve been able to balance out my diet a little.

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