Metamoris Entram

They often say that grateness makes you exceed your small town gym… Fortunately that isnt the case for Entram gym, Tijuana.

As we all fought our second to last round, the bell rang, I stepped out of the mat for a drink of water, I was beat, Pablo asked me to roll with him and I agreed, everyone grabbed their partners but we got distracted. The bell rang and we bumped fists, but I noticed he looked away, among a small croud two guys where wrestling; Fernando Amado and UFC fighter Akbarh Arreola.

Akbarh Arreola and Fernando Amado rolling in the mat.

It was like seeing two giants collide, Fernando Amado is one of our star jiu-jitsu competitors, at blue belt he is the only fighter that among blues he is a little more on the purple side (and rumor has it that Santa Claus might leave a purple belt under his tree this year). This gold thirsty Dragon will visit your small town roll with the best jujiteiros and collect all your gold medal’s, just for the fun of it. His technique is becoming flawless, more agile and He brings to the table a new modern jiu-jitsu which is complementing Raul Arvizu’s students technique.

Fernando Amado on the bottom, Akbarh Arreola on top.

To us its been rewarding to see him grow so much over the past two years, I remember him as an average good blue belt when I first stepped on Entram’s tatami, since them He cleaned up his diet, got professional’s advice and guidance and worked in the mat like there was no tomorrow, holidays, days off, summers and winters; Drill, drill, drill. Theres no other way to the top. Because of that to the rest of us, he is the main example that hard work pays off (And gets you gold).

As far as for Akbarh Arreola (UFC fighter) I don’t really think he really needs much introduction, He’s a great hard-working fighter, and its awesome to see such big UFC figures come back to their roots to train with our now growing champs. So you’ll see big UFC names like Akbar and Masio Fullen among many others, being put to the test by Fernando’s jiu-jitsu.

Everybody sat around them to watch them roll.

Any day, any time, Gi or noGi, we’ve been watching Fernando teach these big names in the UFC a thing or two about true jiu-jitsu technique and give them a run for their money.

For the rest of us is quite a spectacle, we see them polish their technique, Fernando pull’s out the big guns like he was 2 minutes away from standing on a podium, and they both gave it their all; It always impresses me to see how confident Fernando’s floor game is and its taught me that it’s a big part of the transition from white to blue.

White belt years are all about passing guard; You transition from your first months on survival mode to guard passer and you work from there up. As you approach your  blue belt years it’s all about the floor, berimbolos, spider guard, the works. So sitting down to watch him roll for a round with a pro is always an event.

And believe us, He will teach you a thing or two.

Some of the guys enjoying the sight.

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