The undercover Brazilian.

Seriously guys… Theres a reason why we wear a belt while practicing jiu-jitsu, and I speak for all the white belts when I tell you this, Wear your belt! This keeps us informed on who we are rolling with, LOL.

So there’s this new guy in our gym, He’s been training at Entram for like a month now, It’s hard to keep track there’s a lot of people coming and going lately, but it’s still great to make new friends and meet new and interesting people.

So he asks to roll with me, I noticed he wasnt wearing his belt but it seemed normal to me, after the 4th round we are all a little messed up. So we start rolling, and I somehow still have energy in this round so I’m going all out and I’m doing some stuff and I notice a grin on his face, So I ask: Whats your name?, Rafael, he answers, but I notice an accent. He continues to grin.

– Why are you laughing? I start to get a little annoyed, maybe He’s one of those guys that think’s “this girl Aint that strong”.

– He  says: I’m not, but with an accent… wait I ponder while we are still rolling, Where are you from Rafael?, I pass guard, full mount, try to choke and He sweeps my move, “Damn! I lost position” (I think to myself).

– Wait have you trained before?… He answers: Yes, at another gym, quite some time…

Hmmm… He knows what he’s doing, He’s letting me do some moves… It’s a trap!!! BAM!! He sweeps me again, a little harder, I feel the mat on my face while struggling to regain position. Where are you from Rafa? I keep noticing his familiar accent, can’t really make much of where He’s from.

– I’m from Brazil….admiral_ackbar_says_its_a_trap

– What do you mean Brazil? like, Brazil-Brazil?

– Yeah.

– You arent a white belt are you?

– No

– Figures…

I’ve rolled with him a couple more times after that, Its like playing cat and mouse, He’s a brown belt so he could destroy me at any moment, but he doesn’t, He lets me do a couple of moves then sweeps me and try’s to armbar me, I escape, then I fall in another brown belt trap.

So, one of my friends asks me: Are you not afraid of rolling with the Brown belt? I havent rolled with him yet, Can you do anything as a white belt?

Well, you can’t be afraid, there’s always the chance that you might get taped out, even by another white belt, we roll to learn, and rolling with higher belts is always good to work your game, test yourself, even if it’s a white belt game.

Guy’s don’t be afraid to roll with higher belt ranks, it gives you experience, you will probably be tapped out (wait let me rephrase this, you will get tapped, Hell, I’ve gotten the beating of a lifetime with higher belts, LOL).

But you’ll learn a thing or two, you see a fresh new game, they will really put you up to the test, but it’s also always fun, because even as a higher belt ranks different gyms use different tecniques, so don’t be afraid to try to use that simple sweep you’ve been perfecting over the past months.

You can still surprise them.

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