Drug test’s in MMA, Here to stay.

Seems logical that as the sport grows it becomes more official, more of a legit thing we could say. official equipment, gloves, rules, uniforms, like in any other sport; This would also take us to talk about drug testing and its sanctions, like any other sport. We have it in soccer, football, tennis, why not MMA if we want to be legit?

As an MMA practitioner, and working constantly around athletes, its clear to see which athletes take their jobs a little bit more seriously than others, you do this for fun? Or to make a living? I’m not going to judge, we are all human and we make mistakes, even the ones at the very top forget all the hard work that took them there, all the sacrifice, blood-sweat-and-tears. But its a choice to be where you are and live the life of an athlete.150224C-test

I strongly believe that random blood testing should not be insulting to anyone; in any sport you should play (or fight) cleanly, without drugs or illegal enhancers; This way we all know who is the purely better fighter. As fighters, (professional ones or competing fighters) There is a certain honor in doing it drug free. We must also see it as our job, you want job security? stay away from drugs, you want to avoid penalization or jail time? avoid drugs.

MMA is becoming so big now, not only are they striving to become a more legit sport, but there’s a lot of precense in the media, popular culture, TV, etc. That in certain way its important to recognize that kids are watching, young people are practicing the sport, new generations are becoming part of the movement, and the influence of drugs, no matter the kind, is bad press for the sport.hqdefault

So how is the USADA taking things over in our little ol’ opinion?

I think its good that they are taking care of the situation, but I don’t think they taught things trough fully, they need to establish parameters on what a is more serious case; Seriously make a drug cheat sheet, for this to make a little more sense to the fighters and the association.

It’s crazy to believe than some cases are more extreme than others, and we all agree that 5 years off the UFC can ruin a great fighter like Nick Diaz; We really need to evaluate the situation, not because it’s not a drug and deserves to be punishable as one, but come on, John jones got away pretty easily with the coco incident.

However we believe theres still a lot of work to do, to establish the parameters on what MMA testing will look like in the future for the sport.

What do you guys think?

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