Kinesio Tape for MMA

Quite some time ago I wrote an article on Kinesio tape and how it helped me, this time around, I have a lot more experience using it and I would like to show how it can help you. Lets face it 40% of our training time something hurts, and most of our injuries are in our knees (guard passes), ankles (ankle locks), inner elbows (the newbies learn how to do an armbar first), shoulder pain (homoplatas and kimuras), and such.

At my knowledgeable 29 years old, I know that if I want to continue doing this for a lot longer I need to take care of my temple. So if anything hurts I’ll massage it, put some balm or salve on it and tape it. Luckily  there’s a lot of information out there, I’ve read several good books about it and of course there’s you tube, there’s several tutorial on how to do the taping and with what amount of tension it must be applied. With time and practice (And believe me you will practice a lot since there’s always something that gets pulled during training) you’ll master the craft on your own, LOL.

Heres some of the most common injuries in BJJ and some tips on how to help you heal and get you back on the mat quicker.

– Sore arm from an armbar?

Over extending the inner part of the elbow is one of the most common newbie related injuries, someone armbared you and you didn’t tap on time so it hurts all week, or a newbie went balls out and even dough you taped on time didnt let go right away (unintentionally). It must just be sore, or you might have trouble extending it so it hurts when you move it, ice it the first night to avoid swelling and tape Imaxresdefaultt. The inner elbow area is often too sensitive for heating oils or balms such as tiger balm.

I’ve used the golfers elbow application for when I accidentally hurt my arm, or that its sore from trying to escape an armbar. It help prevent over extending it and helping it heal.

Heres the link below.

– Busted that wrist during training?

A busted wrist is hard to heal, it can take months and limits grips such as wrist 2crossed grips where there’s a lot of wrist movement, or baseball grip related chokes. Warm them up well before training, massage them with ointment or oils and tape them up.

I currently busted my left wrist a couple of months ago, unfortunately I’m left-handed so it hasn’t really healed properly and I’m dealing with it, I have trouble with a lot of chokes due to the limited wrist motion.

The link is below.

– Knees.

This is a no brainer, knees are super sore because of your guard passes, your knee on someone’s belly and well all your training. Knees are also very complicated, they have  a lot of nerves, small bones, and joints that may get hurt easily every time you maxresdefault (1)plumit to the floor trying to take someone down or trying to make a pass.

This full knee support application helps release the stress on the knee, minimize swelling and it helps create some space to avoid nerve pinching when there’s swelling, which takes to a faster post workout recovery.

See the link below.

– Ankles.

Ankle locks are a very common and fast way to en a fight among advanced rollers and NoGi fighters, you don’t want to be on the receiving end tough.maxresdefault This will hurt all your walk back home.

I’ve rarely experienced now these however when I first began training I had very weak ankles, over time they got a little stronger but at the beginning they took a lot of rough bumps on the road. On regular Gi rolling these aren’t that popular but beware of them during competitions and pro MMA fights.

Check out the link below.

I hope this information helps you guy’s, Let us know if you are interested in how to aid the healing of other injuries. Injury prevention and treatment is an ongoing subject we need to take care about, get informed and take care of your body, Thats half the fight.

Leave those comments below, we want to hear them!!!

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