Jiu jitsu and how it changes a woman’s body.

If you’ve been training jujitsu for a while you’ve seen your body change during the process, like any sport it will change your body depending on what type of physical activity you do and what muscles are used the most. The intensity and how many times a week will also play a part in changing your body.

Alexa Grasso (Great body, stong yet feminine)

If you’ve been training for a couple of months or plan on getting into the sport but your afraid of how this may change your body, hear me rant for a while, for me to explain a couple of things I would have loved to have known in advance, LOL.

Have a great ass? wave it good-bye, seriously, I’ll wait a minute why you say a couple of words and wave good-bye to it. jiu-jitsu did help me lose weight, get stronger and shape my body a little more, but my behind was the first thing to go! Puff, gone. I blame the take downs, all those times I fell (and still continue to fall on my ass), guard passes, etc. I now and then find myself doing at home squat exercises because I’m embarrassed to do them in the gym.

Afraid of getting super buff and huge arms? Relax honey… My arms are a little bigger, there not huge, but they are not the average insanely skinny girly arms in a tight sweater. I will describe them as baby guns, I can do “The gun show” in a picture and they look good, but they aren’t Terminator big.

Kyra Gracie (Rocking it)

My back is a lot more defined as well, not huge either but defined, the line in the middle is more visible, I think stong bodies, healthy bodies for girls look great, I know we all have different expectations on how we want our bodies to look but in my taste I like it when a girl looks healthy and athletic.

Speaking of muscle definition, my abs have never shown muscle improvement, LOL, it gets hard and toned but never have I EVER had a six-pack, and there’s been a time where I trained from 4 to 7 every day. Still no six-pack, nor four pack for that matter.

This will involve a lot more sacrifice than just training, your six-pack will only show if you have the right diet and work on them a little more than just the usual BJJ training, so don’t just assume that because the guy’s at your gym have this crazy six or even eight pack (yes, some do) that you’ll get one. You can train like crazy but if you don’t clean up your diet they won’t just magically appear.

The only part of my body that hasn’t really changed are my thighs, LOL, I fall within the big hips and thighs category, they just get firmer but don’t really slim down (bummer).

Mackenzie Dern.

As a women its important to love your body, with exercise or just age it will change, just take care of it eating well, exercising and loving it.

I believe that women in MMA put a lot of pressure on themselves to be taken seriously, I don’t think it’s realy a bad thing to show your body trough pictures (semi naked Gi pictures for example). A women’s body is beautiful at any age, we are more terrified about how society tells us how our bodies should look that we forget that in this sport our body becomes a reflection about who we are and what we do.

I’m not saying this is what we want to show as role models, it’s not about the nudity it’s about the self-love.

If you love it flaunt it!


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