10 Things your spouse doesn’t understand about BJJ

If your significant other doesnt practice BJJ, believe me you’ll find yourself explaining a lot of terms and why you do it. Most of the times your significant other has a WTF face on when you explain how was your training, If your truly lucky they’l proactively ask all tough its not always as easy to understand.

1. Berimbolo. what is it? Why would you need it in real life? Why would you want to roll like a wild raccoon?

2. Why not drinking and smoking will help you get ahead of your game. If your close to a tournament or serious about your game theres a lot of us that just wont drink, once I started training I cut way back on my drinking and all tough you might think that everybody undestands athletes dont drink and smoke, your significant other might not get why if your no pro football star you still want to avoid drinking and smoking to get ahead of your game.


3. Metamoris. Dont even, I hate to break it to you but when your with your girl watching the UFC fights its all fun, rage and punching action, real punches, but average people consider floor wrestling the boring part of the fight, us BJJ practitioners love it, love to see big name fighters take it to the ground and realy see if they have mad jiujitsu skills, so no, they wont understand Metamoris… Dont even, we’ll draw the line there.

4. The term OSS. Its just hilarious to hear them use it in a sentence wrong.


5. Why you need at least 2 or 3 different Gi’s and all the gym clothe that piles up high, if your spouse helps you with your laundry they wont undestand why theres 3 dirty Gi’s, work clothe, shorts and rashguards for under the Gi and post workout sweat pants. Thats at least 3 changes of clothe in one day (and thats without an evening outfit if your going out to dinner or something). Laundry gets crazy.


6. How it changes your life. They will make fun of you for taking it so seriously, and Yes, we do; Its not just a sport or a hobbie it’s a way of life.

7. How you can easily get BJJ adicted. This is dangerous territory, you will get obcessed with BJJ,  youll watch youtube videos during work hours, post BJJ memes on your Facebook page and your significant other may not get it.


8. Tournament ready. As opose to boxer’s or Muay Thai practitioners thst cut pounds of weight off for tournaments, jujiteiros like to kinda stay around their tournament weight.

9. Geeky BJJ jokes and t-shirts, the ones with quotes such as Shrimpi’n, Drillers are killers, etc.


10. Your obsesion with Acai, theres just something about Acai and jujiteiros that a lot of people dont understand, high on antioxidants, protein and it helps with muscle recovery, we know youll put it on just about anything!!!


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