Red hair Vs. The mat

So I died my hair red, fiery red for that matter, and I love it! I tried red hair some time ago and didn’t really get it right, I wasn’t feeling it, but this time around I feel more like a red head and I’m totaly rocking it. However I’ve been dealing with loosing my fiery red because of the mat and even though I’m figuring out along the way its a srtuggle.

I’ve been reading EVERYTHING the internet can teach me on keeping my red locks, most of those tips dont really aply to us MMA oriented girls. I’ve seen a lot of girl’s on the mat with beautiful pastel or bright color hair just to loose it by mid-week after all those showers. So lets go over a couple of tips and see how realistic they are to our MMA expectations.CYMERA_20151212_095502

  1. Washing your hair less. Ok guys I read that you are supossed to wash your hair twice a week, three times max and I was like WTF? I tried washing my hair less, but the most I could do was skipping washing it one day only, or only rinsing with conditioner and not shampooing. And its understandable, we sweat a lot during training and it ain’t pretty.
  2. Dry Shampoo. This is a love hate situation for me, dry shampoo will help me skip washing for one day only, your hair smells nice and it doesnt look oily at all! but I cant get over the feeling that I know i didnt wash it there for I feel its still dirty aldough it mau not look that way. Once I use the dry shampoo I either braid it or hold it up to a pony tail and it looks great.
  3. Color depositing shampoo and conditioner. This is a must, if you dont want your bright color to fade in one week, invest in a color depositing shampoo and wash on! Also putting a little actual dye into your conditioner is a great cheap option if you are doing your color yourself at home, so everytime you wash a little color goes in and it balances the color going out; You can try to use semi-permanent hair color for it to not have harsh dyes, just make sure its the proper shade.
  4. Dont Blowdry? Not for me, I need to blow dry my hair to not stain everything in my world!!! Wet red hair bleeds a lot, I feel so sorry when I see a semi pinkish patch on my rolling partners white rashguard on No GI thursday (you know who you are, Sorry!), this goeas for your self as well, no white or light color rashguards the first week and no white Gi.
  5. Goodbye Hot showers. Ño, hell to the no, I end up so sore after training I long for that hot shower to relax and breath again, so I just moved to Hot-warm showers, LOL. I’m not able to shower in cold water, specialy now in winter, I’ll just bump up my hair appointments.CYMERA_20151212_095406
  6. Leave in conditioner and color protecting serums. I’m all in for these products, I recently invested in nicer beauty suply type of brands, and you see the difference, when your hair is dry or damaged bright color show that a lot more than on darker colors, and my hair is getting a little damaged in Jiujitsu anyways so a little extra love won’t hurt.
  7. Gloss and hot oil treatments. Now and then I will go all out and get a gloss or an oil treatment, theres even ones you can do at home on your own, I normally do this when my fade is in  shade that I love and want to keep a little longer, only around once or twice a month.
  8. Learn to love the fade. Go for reds or colors that bleed out nicely, lets face it, no matter how hard you try your color will fade, now that you have embraced it know that theres a lot of nice shades a long the way. That’s why maintaining Reds, pastels, and blue shades in my experience are  a little more expensive, but totaly worth it.

Hope this Helps you keep your bright locks in the Mat, Don’t forget to like, share and comment!!

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