5 Perfect gifts for that MMA geek in your life.

Tis the season Guy’s!! We all have that MMA geek in our lives that we love, either spouse, child, boyfriend or girlfriend, brother, etc. Heres a great Holiday gift guide for that special person that you dont know what to get them.

  1. New Gi. Who wouldnt love a new Gi, al tough for those who dont know these are a little pricey, but theres different models and price sanges to choose from, so it wont be hard for you to  find something, just be aware of sizes, there not the typical Smal-Medium-Large. The top trending brands among jijuteiros right now are MOYA Brand, Fuji, TATAMI.
  2. Rashguards and tights. These are basic goods for training and you will find that their price range is around average brand tshirt prices and a lot of great brands to choose from, you can easily find something foe everyone. Our favorite place to scout the best is:
  3. Sportsbra. For the lovely MMA women in your life sports bras are an obsession, its realy hard to find one that work great for them, in this line of sport activity look for the high support and full coverage, cleaveage leads to wardrove malfunctions!! Some of our favorite brands are Nike, Under Armour, Champions, among others. If you realy want to find  a great sports bra for a gift try looking for ones with playfull straps, we are not kidding girls go over board with sportbras, we know a lot of girls  with large colections.
  4. Gloves and Training pads. For those who love their stand up work MMA and Muay Thai gloves are a great option, the sky is the limit, favorites include Fairtex, Twins, Reyes, among others. Theres a wide price range and style variety, so you are bound to find something for that special someone.
  5. Soap and higiene works. Hygiene is a big deal on the mat, not only for germ freak’s anymore, when wrestling everybody is all up on your face all the time so smelling nice is a plus. Theres loads of soap companys that even make gift sets, some of the most popular brands are:,, aftermat. com and many others on esty.


Hope You find Something for that special fighter in your life!! Happy Holidays and keep rolling!!

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