Winter break diet tips and home workouts.

During the holidays it gets a little harder to get to training, some travel, some have family coming over for the festivities. Unless you are in a full on training camp or have an upcoming tournament the gyms do get a little less crowded over the winter break. So How do you strive to keep in shape during the Holidays? Well, you cant just say no all the time to all the delicious food during the season, but you can take charge and eat a little healthier the rest of the days, Heres some healthy options you can try almost anywhere, same goes for workout!!! theres no such thing as a bad workout.

-Theres something about the winter cold and toast… A nice slice of toast and hot tea (Or coffee), try a healthier version of the typical butter and jam toast (which are full of sugars and empty calories, No Bueno). Go for real food!! Boiled eggs, hummus, avocado or even cream cheese with fruit or veggies, these will be a thousand times healthier, pack on the veggies as well to get more nutrients and feel fuller. like my personal favorite light cream cheese, scallions and cucumber; Its fresh, it feels lighter and delicious. Heres a couple of creative combinations for you to try and leave that jelly rut in the past!!!


Here are some other Healthier versions.

-Too cold for salad? Try veggie soup!! Let’s face it its colt and we need some warmness, you will think about calories and snacks, DONT! Try to go for soups, they are super healthy and most of them are lower in calories than your average lunch. To try to keep calories low go for veggie soups and the chicken or veggie stock based ones will be great for you as well. They are the best way to get nutrients packed and keep the calories low during the winter! Some great options are: Carrot-ginger soup, Mustard and collard greens soup, Asparagus, onion and watercress soup, cucumber mint and also look for seasonal veggies like pumpkin soup.

-Skip the Hot cocoa and go for tea. We’ve all read about the many benefits of drinking tea and we could just go on and on about the many flavors and their uses so believe us you wont get boared with the same ol’ flavor; But our aproach here is that it’s just water and a herb or fruit, so we are calorie safe here! Avoid putting a lot of sugar or honey on your tea and you’ll be fine, try to go for raw honey on your tea, this will give you the true benefits of the honey and let’s face it the calories are minimum. For a nice twist try brewing green tea or any other like chamomile and mint and add small pieces of fruit, such as berries, apple, orange slices and it will give it a  great taste.

-Oatmeal for Breakfast. Big Breakfast, medium luch, small dinner; That’s our mottow!! Eggs are great for mornings to get your protein on! but since my cholesterol has been a little on the high side I’ve gone more for oatmeal and fruit in the morning, its filling, its great to lower cholesterol, blood sugar and it’s super healthy! Try it with 2% Milk, some berries for flavor, almonds and even a little brown sugar. You’ll love it!

-Challenge it up!!! These Holidays have kept the Gym a little further away than usual for me so  at home workouts have been keeping me in shape, I’m not gonna lie to you I’m not a at home workout expert so there’s sometimes I dont realy know what to do so I started a couple of challenges that I looked up online (theres tons on Pinterest and we heart it) focused on what I wanted to work out, you know besides the usual pushups. Remember theres no such thing as a bad workout!!

Hope you Keep enjoying the Holidays!!!

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