What your wrestling style says about you.

Growing in Jiujitsu centers on a simple concept: learn-drill-roll-repeat. By doing so you acquire certain skills, with time you’ll see your body memorizing moves and in a difficult situation doing them as a body reflect, that is a fighter’s main goal, that will push you forward as you continue to make a mental and physical menu of moves, take downs, submissions, chokes, etc. But what does that wrestling style say about you? The first seconds of a fight will often dictate your fate in a mat. Theres a reason why we feel more comfortable with certain moves and chokes, even on a psycological level (Crazy right?).

  1. Guard pass. If you are considered a guard passer, you  like to play it safe, you know your basics and you stick to what you know and what is your safest bet; you may know a lot or even have been training for a while now but have only a couple of safe moves you have perfected over the time when you roll. Usually shy or keeps to themselves, they feel the need of constant reassurance that they are doing things right, strike as well organized people or that strongly believe in that theres a proper method for doing things and sometimes control freaks .c0b0021a056c35611a867342a713b4e1
  2. Guard jump. Adventurous, you love the uncertainty, the thrill’s and lets face it you love the show. It’s do or die and you have the security in your game and personal life, your loud and proud, guard jumpers are often mistaken for over confident, but they are risk taker’s.
  3. Takedowns. Old school, strong and back to basics. Aggresive and go getters, they see what they want and make it happen, they are not ones to play it safe; Usually conservative people, they look back on the past and are able to see the big picture often art appreciative.11200868_831401150279751_3374327126421174309_n
  4. Sweeps.  Problem solvers, smart and practical people. Usualy confident on their floor game, they are simple and mentally grounded people, often mature for their age. In their personal life and in relationships they like to keep things simple, be open about their toughts and feelings and avoid confrontation.


Which one are you? You know the Drill, Comment-Like-Share!!!

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