Womens weight cut manual.

Competition? Getting ready for a competition is always fun, but as girls lets face it, we have bigger problems rather than just weight cuts and perfect triangles, lets put our heads together and solve these problems! But first let’s start with the basics.

Cutting Weight 101.

  1. Lower your carb intake (one week prior to fight)3904860-weigh+ins
  2. Zero your salt intake and start drinking lots of water (5 days prior to fight)
  3. Don´t drink anything ONE DAY before the fight as you will urinate everything out
  4. Sweat the remaining water weight out if needed by sauna or by running with a sweat suit on
  5. Optional: Caloric deficit (not necessary but helps you to lose even more weight).

Womens main issues when cutting weight.

  1. Your period. Bloating and menstrual cramps are a drag, and even UFC female fighters such as Miesha Tate state that weight cuts are even harder on those special monthy visits, you just dont feel like yourself, and during a weight cut this will even make you feel light headed since your iron levels drop during your period due to the blood loss. Lets be real, we cant avoid our period!! but you can take iron vitamins in advance to elevate your hemoglobin level and not feel weak or lightheaded during your wight cut; Also theres that magic option as a last resort (if you are on birth control pills) you can talk to your doctor about skipping your period just this once, yes its bad for you if you do it on a regular basis and it migh mess up your cicle, but! you get to have a free pass for only that one big fight.
  2. Fluid Retention. Its no surprize women retain more fluid, this makes weight cuts harder, that why most women resort to saunas, hot baths and salt baths (Spending time in the sauna or hot showers should be at small 15-30 minute intervals to check weight loss. It is also a good ideal to have a set of accurate scales with you to check your progress). Another Way to deal with Fluid loss is day before weigh in. Building up towards your fluid reduction program it is best to drink large quantities (4-5 litres day) of water 5 days out to trigger hormones that will make you urinate more than usual. This will make the fluid cutting 24 hours before weigh in more effective.
  3. Bowel issues. Most women have bathroom issues, which can be controled with high fiber diets, however some deal with this problem being part of their metabolism; How to fix it for a fight?  By clearing out the bowels, you can lose another kilo without having to do anything. The secret is in the method. Two days before the weigh in, you will already be eating less if you have to lose a few kilos. The day before the weigh in, you should not be eating much at all. That material that is still in the gut from the day before, however, must be cleared. How we choose to do this is with a very gentle, all natural laxative. Remember that you would only do this if you think you are not going to make the weight.51603049
  4. Take care of that diet. Clean up your diet a little more, Women have higher BMI’s than men, this also means that naturaly women have more fat stored in hips, thighs, butt, breasts, etc; On the scale that adds up, so try to make small tweaks into your diet, we know you are already eating well but for a competition you need that extra push. Heres an example of what it shoul look like closer to a compretition.


Hard-boiled eggs, Avocado, Oatmeal, Unsalted Nuts, Protein Shake.


Turkey, Chicken, Steak, Salmon, Tuna, Vegetables (all), Protein Shake, Nuts (Use large cabbage leaves as wraps for protein wraps to help with lack of breads etc.).


Boiled/Grilled Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Steak, Chicken, Fish (all sorts), Salmon, Tuna.

Your last 24 hours are crutial!

This is what it all comes down to, regarding to making your weight. It’s 24 hours before woman_scalethe weigh-in, and sometimes you must take drastic measures to be able to make your required weight. First weigh yourself:

If You Are Underweight: then you must drastically increase your water and food intake. Eat foods high incarbohydrates. Take water-retaining supplements such as creatine to prevent excretion.

If You Are 1-5 lbs. Overweight: then you are doing well. Decrease carbohydrate intake, slow down on drinking, and go to the sauna the day before to rid yourself of just a few pounds of excess water.

If You Are 6-10 lbs. Overweight: then you must focus on your weight loss to a greater extent. Cut out carbohydrates and stop drinking the day before the weigh-in. Spend some time in the sauna to drain your body of water. Go to bed and wakeup a few hours before the weigh-in. Weigh yourself and take somecaffeine if you are still overweight. Caffeine is a great diuretic and will help shed away a few pounds of water weight.

If You Are 11-15 lbs. Overweight: then you must resort to even greater means to make scaleweight. Cut out all food and drink the day before the weigh-in. Use caffeine pills the day before and go to the sauna for a great deal of time. Go to bed and in the morning take more caffeine or other diuretics. Go to the sauna again before the weigh-in if you are still overweight.

If You Are 16-20 pounds overweight: then you are at high weight to cut, and is not healthy to have to shed this many pounds in such a short period of time. Nevertheless some people find themselves in this situation. Drastically lower food and water consumption 48 hours before the weigh-in, and cut out all food and drink intake 24 hourswoman-standing-on-the-scale-frustrated1 before the weigh-in.

Take caffeine for 3 days before the competition; visit the sauna 3 days before the competition, each day increasing the time spent in the sauna. On the day of the weigh-in take more caffeine, even look into laxatives to rid your body of wastes. Visit the sauna one last time if more weight loss is needed


If You Are 21+ lbs. Overweight: then you will have to resort to extreme, unhealthy methods to lose the weight. Start taking laxatives 3 days before the competition. Also take stimulants and diuretics 3 days before the competition, such as caffeine to aid in water excretion.

Visit the sauna 3 days before the competition to further aid in water excretion. Reduce food and liquid consumption days before the contest, and completely cut out food and liquid 2 days before the contest. In the morning of the weigh-in, evaluate your weight and take more stimulants, laxatives and visit the sauna as needed.

Weight Cut Process cheat sheet.



Re-Fuel Process 1 – Post Weigh-in


Re-Fuel Process 2 – Fight Day


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