Injury update and Choosing my new GI.

Injuries are not uncommon in our line of training, they are more common in close combat sports rather than any other type, injuries will occur, its a fact, fortunately during my almost 3 years training the only previous injury I’ve had was an accidental kick in the ear which impaired my hearing for a couple of days because it was internaly swolen, (a side of the usual bruising, joint pain and hyperflexing we are all used to by now). Untill a week ago that during some shoots single leg trow down’s I fell in an occured maner and hurt my lower back.wpid-cymera_20150731_203302.jpg

For now I’ve been taking anti inflamatory meds and shots, doing masage sessions and using medicated patches to recover, its been only over a week or two and I’m already going insane since I’m so used to exercising. I tried jogging and got even more hurt, so for now it’s just resting for at least a month or two (So my doctor says, But who could spend so much time away from the mat?!!).

In the mean while I’m preparing for a mayor change in my life which I will be talking soon about!!! I also ordered a Brand spankin’ new Gi from Moya brand, It will take a week for it to arrive but I’m super exited about it, I ordere it trough one of the trainers in the

Fernando Amado check him out @ferji_


gym Fernando Amado, you must know him from any and every jiujitsu (IBJJF) turnament there is (LOL). He’s been working with MOYA brand for some time now and he’s even in the website as part of the MOYA family.

I ordered a size A1, I could have probably gone with a A0 however I’ve had an ADIDAS in A0 in pink and never really got used to the size, it was better fitted and I love that it was pink but the fabric was way to stiff (even for a GI) so I never realy had great mobility in it and I kept using my other Break Point GI in A1, it had that little extra room to move around, and with time the fabric adjusted a lot better to my needs, I had more freedom to roll and move in it, so I kept using it until the pants started to rip (LOL).

I decided to go with MOYA because of the quality of the fabric is just amazing, they are light and flexible yet durable, the colors are bold and the designs are great as well. They are also very popular among jujiteiros right now so its also a very trendy choice we could say. I love the design they did with Alexa Grasso, wished I could have gotten my hands on that one!!!

For now I’m super exited waiting for it to arrive so stay tune to read my review and full experience getting it!!!



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