Farewell Entram

Dear coach,

As I settle in to a new city,  I find myself looking for a new gym where I could continue my training, still there’s a couple of things I would like to say.20150709_175048

Thank you, these small words won’t cover all that Entram gave me over the 3 years training with you, I found in Entram a family, friends, in my best and worst moments I could always  find the support I needed in the mat. I always belonged, I was never an outcast or treated differently even when I was the only girl on the mat, it felt great to know I wasn’t  under estimated; there was always respect, humor and companionship.

Jiujitsu has truly changed my life, it has helped me find myself, find my place in the world, open myself to meeting new people and making new friends;  It has given me the confidence I needed, security and discipline that only trough this sport I could find. None of this would be possible if not by great coaches like you, that inspire, motivate, and not only make us dream, but make us work towards those dreams.20150421_190958

Thank you for allowing this blog to grow from a simple website to a community as well, my training and writing has now become part of one another, it has help inform other women about the sport, about the technique and questions that women have during their training.

I had the opportunity to see Entram grow a lot over the past 3 years, I remember those lazy Fridays when it was only 5 people in the mat, now we have pro UFC fighters and world class jujiteiros calling Entram their home gym as well and its all thanks to you. Your teaching, your life lessons, your humor, the way you make us understand the importance of our training.20150415_173808

Its an honor for me to visit new gym’s here in my new city and have trainers make great comments about my past gym and the level it has, its competitiveness and the level of their athletes, my training partners.

I hope we meet in the mat soon, I will for sure visit when ever I’m back in town. For now I will be visiting a couple of local gym’s while I settle back in to training.


Entram will always be my home gym.


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