My new MOYA Brand Gi review

I ordered my Gi trough Fernando Amado who trains at my former gym Entram as you all know now, the service was excellent, he really went out of his way to answer my questions and meeting me to deliver the Gi since I was preparing to leave the city, it was also my first time ordering a Gi without trying it and he gave me suggestions about fitting, like many women out there I’m an occurred size, sine I’m wide in the hip area but smaller on the top, the bottom fitted perfectly and the top is a little big, but I know it will shrink a little with time so its perfect.

MOYA’s gym sack bag.

It came in a nice quality gym sack bag with the MOYA logos, a long with a post card with care instructions and a decorative sticker. The full Gi included the pants, coat and a white belt; I think its nice that it included the white belt if you are a beginner, however since I’m in my last degree in white I would have rather had the blue belt, but I understand that maybe by default it includes the white belt. I appreciate the wear and tear of my current belt so I think I’ll just purchase my blue with them when I move up. I was so surprised by the lightness of the Gi, my former break point Gi was so bulky and difficult to carry, this one feels weightless compared to the other one, easy to pack, the fact that  it came in that small bag was amazing to me!

The scent of a new Gi isn’t quite exactly like a new car smell, so it rapidly went into the washing machine, right away you can notice the colors are so bold, the patch work design is a part of why I chose this model, its elegant, sleek and modern at the same time; MOYA Brand truly reflects where modern jujitsu is going as a sport and working in as a trend into their Gi’s. It isn’t exactly a women’s model, however it has a perfect balance in design for it to be worn by a guy or girl.


Don’t be fooled by how compact and light MOYA’s Gi’s are, the fabric is strong and durable, however they allow a lot of mobility since the fabric isn’t as stiff as others may be; As I’ve seen on some of my other rolling partners that own MOYA’s Gi’s at the gym it is also stands the test of time, the color won’t wash off easily, they are not easy to tear. The pant design was a big deal maker for me, the knee area has sort of an extra padding layer (they sure know their stuff), the cords to tie the pants are also sleek and easy to wear (plus the details are super cute).IMAG0161

I hope my review was helpful to you guys, I would also like to let you know that this isn’t a sponsored review, I purchased the Gi with my own money and even tough it was a little pricey it was definitely worth the cash! I was very satisfied by the service, the quality and value of my new Gi.


We often forget that this little item is essential to our training, so why not go big and treat our selves!





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